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Our Role In The Making of A New Political Party: International Justice & Peace Party

Below is the copy-and-pasted of the two key emails with all recipients addresses for your benefit, as outlined in some details are the key constitutional principles of the party, mission statement and visions. Hope you support us in time. Thanks.


The Emails reprinted in Full:

Dear Friends,
Yesterday I emailed you all concerning the desire for the formation/creation of a new united front political party with an glocal (global-local) agenda and goals, to be called International Party (UK/US/KSA/KEN etc). Please see the complete version of yesterday’s email below and the recipients addresses sent out to: a mix of socialists, liberal, internationalists, green/environmentalists etc.
Today I would like to outline for your benefit the party’s intended mission statement and vision.
Mission Statement & Goal:
”To create a centralists united front political party with an global-local focused agenda based on the goals of moving away from the old status quo’s inter-relations dynamics central within existing national and international politics, which has been predominantly the root causes of violence, exploitation and environmental issues.”

The Vision:

”Is to architect a smooth transition among the many disparate political parties across the world of all colours and political philosophies (away from ”conservatives” and dominant parties), especially the Socialists, Liberals, Internationalists, Global Social Justice Movements, Green-Environmentalists, and many others with the desire to see a peaceful, equal and justice-based world, from their own ideals and bases into a unified political front/umbrella; this is the only chance we all have to challenge truly the power of the big businesses, defence agendas and other ”old boys club” establishment”.

An Example:

Lets take the UK. In UK, already elected and sitting Members of Parliaments on the ticket of either Green Party UK (Hon. Caroline Lucas MP) and Respect Party (Hon. George Galloway MP) can both with others, make a joint press statement that they are coming together under the umbrella of International Party (UK) to have a chance in implementing real changes in the country with positive effect at global arena. In Germany, it will between Pirate Party, Green Party etc.

This approach, of already elected transitioning smoothly from old parties to International Party, will assure us already some seats and a much vocal chance within respective national institutions, with greater impact on foreign policies (security, political and developments).

Above is what I think will give us a chance to grow and expand as well as readily from set-go be able to participate on making greater impact on national (with repercussions on International) policies and behaviours. This will unsettle the existing dominant status quo establishments.

Alone and divided we all have no real chance to make a difference or even ascend to political dominance. However together united and working for the global common welfare, peace and prosperity we can achieve change: we adapt and grow, or we chose to remain inflexible and die off.

I, personally, do not want to contest any political seats, all I am happy with is behind-the-doors strategic role of a Chairperson position. We will give young people nomination as prospective new candidates under our party name.

Lets start now, and take advantage of the socio-political and economic milieu in contemporary world which cries for real viable political (social and economic) alternatives.

A final point of importance, on what will unite us all?

The problem across the world or nation are largely not structural as stated yesterday, but inter-relational among the powerful few sections of societies. This is what corrupt our democracy, and is responsible for adventurous foreign policies of wars, colonial politics and dangerous environmental policies. There is a say, ”Guns don’t kill people, People kill people”; in politics, ”Institutions do not corrupt politics, people corrupt politics”!.

Your Friend,

The Chairman of IP.

N.B. Please send some reply to see what you all might be thinking.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: The Chairman <internationalistshq@yahoo.com>
To: “general@occupylsx.org” <general@occupylsx.org>; “general@occupywallst.org” <general@occupywallst.org>; “press@occupylsx.org” <press@occupylsx.org>; “press@occupywallst.org” <press@occupywallst.org>; “office@greenparty.org.uk” <office@greenparty.org.uk>; “office@respectparty.info” <office@respectparty.info>; “info@leicestersocialists.org.uk” <info@leicestersocialists.org.uk>; “su-politics@le.ac.uk” <su-politics@le.ac.uk>
Cc: “contact@accoupytogether.org” <contact@accoupytogether.org>; “editor@peoples-press.com” <editor@peoples-press.com>; “info@naomiwolf.org” <info@naomiwolf.org>; “info@occupytogether.org” <info@occupytogether.org>; “magazine@newint.org” <magazine@newint.org>; “internationalistgroup@msn.com” <internationalistgroup@msn.com>; “info@socialistparty.org.uk” <info@socialistparty.org.uk>; “lwilliams@dmu.ac.uk” <lwilliams@dmu.ac.uk>; “international@occupylondon.org.uk” <international@occupylondon.org.uk>
Sent: Friday, 25 January 2013, 12:51
Subject: Re: The Making of A United Front: International Party (please read)


Dear Friends,
I am coming to you today to present an offer for unity against a status quo socio-economic and political orders (across the world) that has been corrupting our democracy, never ceasing to stop with aggressive wars and exploiting dangerously our global resources and people.
Below I am going to outline in brief some of the key points for our unity, for the benefit of our children, their next generations and our precious earth.
There has never really been a third options across our world political systems. The dominant two-systems or parties have never sought to change not the institutions of our political systems but their behaviours. Here lies the uniting point of differences between ourselves (friends here; socialists, communists, liberalists and so forth). We always looked to change the structures of our national governments, while the real point of focus and target should have been the need to change the inter-relational dynamics among the people in government (politicians), the 0.05 per cent corporate magnates (corporate monopolies or cartel), and the security-defence managers (spies, brasses and arms industrialists).
International Party will operate like Pirate or socialists, or communist parties, with Central Office setting agenda on annual conferences, while national parties (that, International Party (UK) or (US) etc) will set their own national agendas and manifestos within the greater set-out international manifesto. The aim is to stop wars between nations (we are all same people), to dismantle surveillance/police states as well as the real governments (the secret groups of ”military-corporate-political complex”).
So what are the key points?
  1. We embrace all the people of the world as of one kinship and peacefully.
  2. We see no place for wars, especially of any aggressive nature (of choices or ”Humanitarian” etc) rather than self-defence.
  3. We are to reform the relations within politics and not the structure especially in the west where most of the democratic structures are sound/good.
  4. We believe strongly in International Human Rights, Social Equality and Liberal Democratic Rule of Law
  5. We believe welfare state and capital state can co-exist without clashing as in China.
  6. We believe the big corporate cartels and monopolies need to be broken up.
  7. We believe in Liberty, Privacy and not intrusion on peaceful citizens, as such we believe there is no place for surveillance/police state (and we promise to dismantle CCTV Culture, reduce police powers as well as making these more accountable, completely close-down ”spying” services).
  8. We believe private security and defence are a root cause of wars in the world, as such we will support the need to nationalize arms industries (and set quotas on defensive weapon systems only, not offensive), we will close down ”mercenaries” outfits, as both of these sectors in order to survive requires demand, and most of the time they ”secretly” create demands by spreading chaos.
  9. We will tax everyone at lowest rate, perhaps at 25 per cent, even corporations, after all they need to have spending funds to support national economies.
  10. We will give these particular powerful industries, of banking, finance, energy, communications and transport a choice [a] nationalisation or [b] state-economies, meaning, leaving a free-hand to the state to set and regulate prices and rates for their services and products rather than leaving them the freedom to maximize profit while hitting hard the people.
  11. We will demand wage rises to living standards; as we believe of the average wages, an individual should have one-third set aside for all bills, one-third for spending and final one-third for savings.
  12. We will introduce mandatory voting and referendums participation bill.
  13. We will regulate lobbying industry very strictly, and as such put a ban on the ‘revolving door’ culture, where one hand washes the other.
  14. We will support proportional representation across the governments, to have equal representation for ethnics, women and others.
  15. We will support Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Independence in UK, and the dismantle of old imperial-colonial practises of Commonwealth.
  16. We will regulate and set rates for big pharmaceutical.
  17. We will refuse to privatize Education and Health.
  18. We will reduce retirement age to 62 years old.
  19. We will set up an investment fund for each citizen, to support his or her retirement, and anticipate the effect of robotics in workforce.
  20. We will support ”employees share-sharing” schemes and more say in the companies.
  21. We will balance Urban-Rural national character.
  22. We will put environmental/green issues at the centre of our policy-thinking in everything, as well as the general ethical behaviours.
  23. We will dismantle foreign military bases, and stop interferences in foreign domestic affairs of other nations.
  24. We will reduce electoral candidacy to two-terms.
  25. We will change the civil services culture.
  26. We will privatize national media (e.g. BBC)
  27. We will support national banking systems, parallel to private structures.
  28. We will seek ways to ban all Nuclear weapons and source of energy.
  29. We will not support fracking or any other environmental-damaging practises.
and so forth. These are some of the key policies agendas that will be central within our international and national manifestos and efforts to change the relations within the national and international politics for the benefit of our children, our democracies and our world.
I now need help especially from those local in UK and in reach of Leicester in the midlands to set-up the party offices. Please do not come out until we have made an official press announcement in the founding of the movement/party.
We have a long and hard road ahead, as we are going head-to-head with the small but very powerful cabal at the centre of our daily lives.
Please support to make an historical change.
Yours Sincerely,
International Party Founder.

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