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A Very Bad Week For HM Police Forces & Other Headlines

This week appears to have been one of the dullest weeks for Her Majesty’s Police Forces in the UK.

First sign came when a notable pro-force newspaper, The Times published an article on ”A New generation of top police on course to be ‘stubbornly white’”, noting sadly that, ”next generation of police leaders is facing an absence of ethnic-minority officers among its ranks and a dearth of women”. This was followed by a confessional report by the forces own Chief Constable that the police are abusing their power, from getting sexual favours, to drugs and so forth: see here (The Daily Mail) and here (The Daily Telegraph). And of course the reports of the old intention to turn an excellent police force into ”shoot-out happy cowboys” by bringing in the Americans and others as new management (here).


Few other headlines of interests:

Teenage girl, 16, pulled hijab from Muslim woman’s head and punched mother-to-be in racist attack
Britain breached international law by ‘torturing and killing prisoners’ during Iraq War, claim 180 Iraqis
Cattle class? I’d rather stay at home than fly in economy, says Tory MP
Minister: poor families are likely to be obese
Race hate mail is sent to brother of Stephen Lawrence
Xenophobic attacks increasing on Somalis
Town hall snoopers have the power to vet your pot plants and fridge: Officials have more than 1,400 powers to enter homes
Privacy trampled, liberties breached
Interview with George Church Can Neanderthals Be Brought Back from the Dead?
Exposed! How the Billionaires Class Is Destroying Democracy



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