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Important Additional Information for Muslims & Counter-Terrorism (and those in Leicester on FMO) and A Great Reading Collection from Public Intelligence

First, the Collection below comes from the Public Intelligence, an independent open-source intelligence resources site, where users can upload ”secret documents” (not for public eyes), as well as for public eyes materials; on par with wikileaks.We want to take this opportunity to thank them-Cheers!

We have collected the below for some interesting self-enlightenment reading links/articles, check it out; especially take a look at the first-five relating to UK, and the second on the list in reference to UK’s Contest, a counter-terrorism strategy (this Home Office official website link will give you all the information needed), known also as the 4-Ps:

The strategy

CONTEST is organised around four principal workstreams:

  • Pursue: to stop terrorist attacks
  • Prevent: to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism
  • Protect: to strengthen our protection against terrorist attack
  • Prepare: where an attack cannot be stopped, to mitigate its impact

(Source: Home Office UK 2013).

This is what we were talking about in relation to St.Phillips Centre (see the post below or click here) and FMO (see here and here); these two are part of Prevent Strategy (2nd above on the list: with intention to ”prevent radicalization”). Finally, to add further important supporting evidence, in terms of FMO and it’s links to UK security services, when one reads the noted links above, one will observe how Mr. Suleman Nagdi (his site) is the head of FMO and has been looked after for his loyalty towards the government very well, with the usual British government old mafioso-traditions of cronyism and nepotism (with ”their own”), they even made his son a police officer, PC Yusuf Nagdi (see below or here directly from Leicestershire Police website):

PC Yusuf Nagdi

PC Yusuf Nagdi

Collar number: 2210

I joined Leicestershire Police in January 2005 and have worked both as a local police officer at Spinney Hill police station and with the Domestic Violence unit at Mansfield House police station.

In April 2009 I took on the role as a Neighbourhood beat officer working in the North Evington area. As part of the introduction of the new ward boundaries, my next role involved working within the Coleman Neighbourhood. Following a 4 month attachment to a team designed to deal with vehicle crime and theft offences, I returned in April 2012 to my Neighbourhood role as a Local Beat Officer within the St Peters Estate. I look forward to working with the local community to identify and deal with any issues and concerns people may have.

Now to the Collection from the Public Intelligence:

UK MI5/MI6 “Top Secret” Policy for Gaining Intelligence From Detainees Subject to Torture | Public Intelligence
United Kingdom “Contest” Strategy for Countering Terrorism July 2011
NYPD Using College Campuses to Infiltrate Muslim Student Groups
Libyan Intelligence Service CIA-MI6 Extraordinary Rendition Documents
Documents Detail CIA, MI6 Relationship With Qaddafi
Sworn Declaration of Whistleblower William Binney on NSA Domestic Surveillance Capabilities
The Growth of Homeland Security’s Domestic Intelligence Enterprise
The FBI’s Vision for Domestic Electronic Surveillance
Unravelling TrapWire: The CIA-Connected Global Suspicious Activity Surveillance System
British Police Testing Non-Lethal Laser Rifle That Temporarily Blinds Rioters
Milner Group Membership List | Public Intelligence
Wall Street and the Pentagon: Defense Budget and Defense Industry Finance
Transcript of 1968 Council on Foreign Relations Secret Meeting on the Theory of CIA Covert Action | Public Intelligence
What Does Your Fusion Center File Look Like?
This one (below) is just interesting, have a look:
Stealth Wear: An Anti-Drone Hoodie and Scarf – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic





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