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St.Phillips Centre: Your ”Friendly” Inter-Faith Society or A Church/Diocese With A Secret? (Doubling as a Counter-Terrorism & ”Re-Education” Centre)

We have known about St.Phillips Centre for a while, but a recent email exchange with the local police was able to remind us of the centre and it’s important role vis-a-vis local Muslim communities in Leicester, as a ”counter-terrorism and re-education” centre (to ”counter-radicalization” and ”prevent” terrorism); a role similar to FMO (see this blog for our in-depth discussions on FMO, federation of Muslim Organizations; here and here).

Below is a biography (also available here directly at their website) of the person in-charge of over-seeing the ”counter-terror” efforts in Leicester;


Will Baldet is the Prevent Co-ordinator for Leicester, a post which aims to strengthen city communities and stop people from being drawn towards radical beliefs. Will was formerly Northamptonshire Police’s Prevent Engagement Officer working in the East Midlands as the interface between community groups, partner organisations and the police. His role is to help meet the threat from extremism and radicalising influences, an issue he knows is all too real. Tried and tested in some challenging situations, he has been at the forefront of helping safeguard communities and has come up withideas and practical solutions to build resilience and strengthen community life.

His appointment by St Philip’s Centre was funded by the Home Office and is designed to co-ordinate the preventative strand of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST in Leicester. The aim of Prevent is to help communities develop the resilience to counter the national threat in all its forms. The post, based at St Philip’s Centre, reflects Leicester’s determination to empower the community itself with the support of partner agencies to address these difficult challenges.

Revd Canon Dr John Hall, the Director of the St Philip’s Centre says, ‘The Home Office and the city council agreed to the St Philip’s Centre hosting the post because of its excellent track record of work on community cohesion and with different faith communities. It is really important this works well for everyone in Leicester and we are determined that it will.’

Cllr. Manjula Sood, assistant city mayor for community involvement and chair of the Leicester Council of Faiths said: “I welcome the appointment of Mr Baldet to the post of Prevent Coordinator. The St Philip’s Centre has a national reputation for its excellent work in bringing together different faiths and different communities. The Centre has already provided training for more than 600 public workers in Leicestershire on building good inter-faith relations. We are very confident that the new Prevent Co-ordinator will have excellent support from the Centre to build on the good work already going on in Leicester.”

The St Philip’s Centre is based at Stoughton Drive North. It provides training for public, private, voluntary and faith sector groups and organisations to learn about different faiths and their role in society. It also helps people of all faiths to learn from one and other.

St. Phillips Centre is a part of the Church of Leicester, or Diocese of Leicester.

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