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Spinney Hills LPU: A Militarized Police Station Inside The ”Local Terrorists Hotbed”!!!!!

So there we were in the Cold [remember the Cold reference] mid-afternoon walking down the East Park Road at 1445hrs on Saturday [today] 12th Jan 2013 and as we were coming around the corner and near in clear visibility to, that just five minutes away from, the Spinney Hills Police Station [LP: Local Policing Unit], we had our first visual of a Hindu family.

A point of Importance: there were three and all brown-skinned, made up of a mother with two young children, the children were approximately 5 and 9 years old, respectively, though well-wrapped seemed still to be feeling the chill (you know what we are talking about if you were out today, or even in you would have felt the chill), especially in a static position (they were standing, and not moving), and the ”hitter” is the mother was leaning talking INTO the intercom, not a person/police officer—- lets repeat for the necessity of getting the point through—- she was leaning, and the children were freezing to bones, TALKING TO [& THROUGH] INTERCOM not a face to face human at the other end.

You get the seriousness of the point. The Question for the police is, What is it? or Why? Was she exhibiting or perhaps ”looking like a terrorists?” (after all we are all ”terrorists” around here, right?), is this is why rather than opening the door and afford access you let her and her children freezing out there; while those living in non-majority Muslim communities have free-access police stations? These are serious questions, which need answer through actions– break-down your militarized-stations and show a sense of some much lauded ”trust need”.

For the seriousness of all, lets repeat the point which we all should not miss; Have you observed how fortified Spinney Hills Station looked in contrary to others? If you have not just go on the internet and do a little research on the architectural aspects of our Leicestershire Police across the region. It does appears that only those situated within majority Muslim neighbourhoods are ”Militarized” into barracks, namely Spinney Hills LPU, and not public-free-access friendly nature and necessity of police stations (civic service) located in other ”less terrorists suspected areas”.

This is the important point.

How can they go around preaching the need for inter-trusts when even their police stations are seemingly ”purpose-built” for security and not access?????

Where is the Trust?

Finally, the usual few good reading articles for you the readers:

This one examines the census 2012 and Leicester designated as more ethnic than any other city. This one directs you to excellent reading materials and information. And this is the continuation of the UK Police Racism in the case of Stephen Lawrence’s brother. Finally an interesting statement from Jackie Chan on the US.




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