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For Your Self-Enlightement: Articles From This Week Newspapers

Before moving to the articles here is a nice little documentary from 2008, entitled Secrecy: A Very Good Watch.

Video Link [Youtube]

Now to the articles.

Today it is a long list but worth every single word-read and your time-spent reading these, very informative. The list is arranged in terms of most related to you to international news with ”a hint of relation to you”.


The Articles:

One in five Britons will describe themselves as ‘non-white by 2050’ as minority groups grow in prosperity and status
U.K. Crown Prosecution Service Guidelines for Prosecuting Social Media Communications
Police in post offices as stations close
Stephen Lawrence’s brother sues Met over race discrimination
Police have stopped me 25 times… just because I’m black: Stephen Lawrence’s teacher brother launches damning race case against the Met
‘This is a very serious matter’: Shock police racism allegations by Stephen Lawrence’s brother referred to force watchdog
IPCC looks into Lawrence complaint
Hacking: corrupt Yard officer tried to sell information to NotW
Guilty: Senior counter-terrorism detective April Casburn was today found guilty of trying to sell information to the News of the World. Casburn is pictured leaving court today
Black teenager punches woman after she calls him a ‘smelly Nigerian’ in latest shocking racist footage filmed on the Tube
EU demands access to details of all UK drivers: ‘Orwellian’ move to hand out personal information to foreign police forces
Cloud surfing: US surveilance act ‘grave threat’ to EU sovereigntyAn intelligence bill has put the frighteners on EU citizens as it allows the US access to their personal data stored in internet clouds like those used on Facebook and Google. The law is a ‘grave risk’ to the rights of EU citizens, says an EU report. 2
The torturers roam free while the whistleblower goes to jail — War in Context
Nomination Ignores War Crimes
Nick Turse: A war victim’s question only you can answer
Torture claim reveals secret courts danger, say critics
Defense contractor awards Abu Ghraib torture victims meager $5 million settlement
‘Scottish independence will unite UK’
NYC court rules ‘stop and frisk’ policy unconstitutional
Everything You Need to Know About the Crazy Plan to Save the Economy With a Trillion-Dollar Coin – Matthew O’Brien – The Atlantic
Can A Single Coin Solve the Debt Ceiling?by Amy Davidson
Kurdish activists shot dead in Paris
Obama’s ‘light footprint’ masks a war fueling deep hatred of the U.S.
The U.S. intelligence community’s new year’s wish – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition
Nicolas Sarkozy to be investigated on corruption charges over ‘Karachi Affair’ arms deals to Pakistan
Ex-president Sarkozy faces fresh criminal probe





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