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In The Media: Police & Public Trust, Mahdi Hashi, Mo Farah ”Terror Arrest” etc


Please find below our brief discussions on a more effective police-public accountability and trust model. This comes after (months) today new headlines on reports on the dangerously broken public trust towards their local police forces in UK, see the links below. Also included are few headlines on Mahdi Hashi, Mo Farah (British Olympic Hero) mistaken detention while visiting US as a ”suspected terrorist” based on his Somali-Profile and other more interesting ”Muslims in the News”.
Also find our Strategy reiterated in full (and updated recently): see the ”STRATEGY” page above, or the post below.
Public trust in police hit, says Leicester MP Keith Vaz | This is Leicestershire
Most police uphold high standards | This is Leicestershire
PressTV – UK MP calls for new police Magna Carta
Double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah quizzed by customs officials in ‘terror bungle’ at U.S. airport
Theresa May faces court battle over decision to strip ‘kidnapped extremist’ of British citizenship
Jack Straw uses Official Secrets defence for allegations of conspiracy in ‘torture’ case
Muslim-hating homeless woman confesses to shoving Indian immigrant under New York train
British Olympic hero held as suspected terrorist by US customs
Senate Approves Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers
USPTO blocks web access to “Political/Activist Groups” including KEI, ACLU, EFF, Public Citizen, Redstate, DailyKos
Bush/Obama protect US torturers, but jail whistleblower who tells the people what they did
genetically assassinating enemy leaders
Energy firm staff at climate ministry
Our Perfect Police-Public Model
Someone asked us what might be a much effective way to strengthen contemporary UK police-public trust?
Was the elections of PCC (Police Crime Commission) a good start?
Our answers were [a] PCC is political and really has nothing with accountability or legitimacy. [b] and in terms of a more effective model for police-public trust, we would have recommended ”a jury-based model”, where local citizens are nominated on lottery approach to sit on a 24-citizens (mixed groupings, gender and age) independent policing committee, which would scrutinize every police operations, funding and other activities, before and after taking place, quarterly per year.


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