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3-Arrested For Thurnby Lodge Incident & The New Report On The Disturbing-Rise Of ‘Islamophobia-Hate-Crimes’ in The UK (2012 Report)

First, We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our local Leicestershire Police and the general Leicester public who assisted the police in getting their hands (as well to defeat the rise of hate-crimes in our multicultural city) on the three alleged [and now detained] suspected perpetrators on the recent ”Pig’s Head in the Mosque Incident” at Thurnby Lodge Neighbourhood of Leicester.

Yes, we at HMCO, have had our ”little civic confrontation” with our local [and national] Police and governments, but we also recognize their excellent work even though we would probably never stop this civil actions until our [as Muslims in the UK as well as British nationals who are fade-up with contemporary power-abuses and civil infringement crimes of our institutions/state] legitimate grievances are at least listened to;

  • The Nation, UK, returns to democratic practises and roots
  • The Muslims are not treated as ”zero-class” nationals; unfairly alienated from greater society; shut-out with zero chance of socio-economic mobility or even political representation; unlawful target for present anti-democratic ”authoritarian laws” of collective or individual surveillance without precedent for suspicious of crime (as David Davies, Conservative MP recoiled, ”We, as a whole the British nationals of all colours and creeds, are being turned into a nation of collective-suspects as a result of these undemocratic laws”; a practice reminiscent of totalitarianism and police-states).

Anyway, below is the link to the new article (Sat, 29 Dec 2012) from The Leicester Mercury, here.

Check out also this link which takes you to The Independent article on the newly released report on the rise of anti-Islamic (Islamophobia) hate-crime/attacks in the UK, with fear of a Utoya-style massacre to come (Utoya refers to last year killing of youths by a right-wing nationalist, Breviks, in Norway, with links to UK-based EDL: English Defence League). The story and the report was also picked up here by PressTV.

This link takes you to a new article on Snooper’s Charter from the Guardian. This one, also this, and this, takes you to the US-equivalent to UK’s Snopper’s Charter (FISA: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) which was given a new lease of life for another 5-years by the House of Congress this week.

Other Good Readings for your weekend, take for example this on FBI surveillance on Occupy Movement as ”Domestic Terrorism”, or this from US, forcing cars to be fitted with ”spy-boxes”, and finally these two, Here and Here, respectively.




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