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We Had A Visit From The Local Stasis/Police (Nah, Not to Arrest, but Enquiring about an Auto-Theft…?)

Well around 1555hrs today (Thurs 20 Dec 2012) we at HMCO had a little pleasant visit from our fine men (there were no women) of the local statsis/Leicestershire Police, SPU (Spinney Hills Police Unit). The ”reason” for this apparent pleasant visit, drums please, drummmmm….., was not to arrest us (we have never done anything to give them any reason for an arrest, ever, and they know this, and it kills them) but to ”enquire” about a local auto-theft outside our house…….hahahahahaha!

Here is where the plot totally went down the hill for us, at least (unless you are high on marijuana…haha, no offence intended to pot-heads):

  1. They went straight to buzzing/ringing our apartment bell out of five apartments in the house (and those who have read past posts they will no this is ”a red flag”, why because [a] nature of human behaviour start from 1, 2…, [b] and also ours is further down, not easily pleasant with a reach, in a sense. Thus the usual visits as before to our exact infamous flat again as ever since we declared ‘a peaceful war of truth-telling against the local and national statis/police and fascists governments of contemporary west’.
  2. They seemed ”unsure” of the time of the alleged perpetrated crime, apparently somewhere between, a kicker, 1900hrs and 0000hrs midnight!
  3. They failed to give the appropriate full details of the alleged crime; the type of the car, etc etc.
  4. They seemed to have visited only us and not the neighbours on our immediate right, with the same view of alleged crime location as us.
  5. Finally. breaking there cover-storyt is the fact that here is only one car in the immediate vicinity of where we leave, the street outside, that is worth ”mugged”, of course putting oneself in the mind of the criminal (as stated previously, as a ‘specialists’ in the game, or knowledge in the tradecraft as it is known, the primo skill of all is to have an intimate knowledge of every single thing, living or not, around you, and then to play/calculate ever single probable ”course of actions” or scenarios of the ”what if” I was a criminal, I was this that, what would I do here, or with that, or what might be valuable or not etc, and all these come natural as stated before). Anyway, this mentioned car is [a] expensive, [b] out of place from the local reef-raffs (beaten-up valueless models around), [c] big/family-sized, and it seems to always have ‘valuable’ things left inside it overnight or even for days. Now here is the kicker, the aforementioned car one of us saw it in the early hours (and late hours before bed, and even during the ”crime-committed, apparently” time), i.e. our usual 0500hrs wake up time, and it was in it’s natural shape, not looking as if it had just be assaulted (also seen at 0800hrs and 1030hrs, still looking same as usual, and while typing this and looking at it, still looks good, and even after the stasis/police left one of us walked out to the gate and took a look and it was still looking good).

Anyway, we can go on with out peculiarities and so forth of the visit, but alas time is short, we need to be rushing to other things, what though we now need to do (us at HMCO) is finding the Why of the Visit?; Is it because of one of us recent published journalistic reports via PressTV? Is it the usual, we still watching you intimidation tactics? etc…..

By the way there are two experiences one has when dealing with the statsis; if criminal or criminally-minded, one would naturally have panic attacks and in general experiences of horror, but for the innocents like us (and those knowledgeable and really can’t be intimidated at all), it’s the experience of total amusement, is like being in the presence of monkeys playing with themselves (where one know one is better than the monkey and the entire experiences is for self-amusement!). The police are essentially, but here is the truth they don’t want you to know about, they are idiots, 100% idiots, esp. the beat-constables. All what the police are is muscle-men/women, with zero-brain, remember this, even the highest of rank you can outwit him or her with the ease of enticing a baby with a sugary product (candy!).


Have a nice evening, take your boy or girl out in the rain for a romantic passionate dance under the rain-drops.

Oh, good readings if interested, from the newspapers:

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