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ALERT/ACHTUNG: Hijab Ban Coming Near You (to UK) & Introducing Annie Machon….

First and foremost let us take this opportunity to introduce to you all one of the bravest women we have encountered, Ms. Annie Machon, a former MI5 Intelligence Officer, who served beside another brave soul, Messr. David Shayler, both of who like many who got out, or rather broke-out of the ”secret societies” thrived hard to tell the stories of these societies’ dark arts. Recommended is Spies, Lies and Whistle-blowers by Annie Machon and the book that was once banned under Margaret Thatcher’s time, written by senior former MI5 Officer, Messr. Peter Wright, called Spycatcher (click on the link for a full e-book). Also keep visiting Annie’s Blog here for some of very interesting readings (observe the address, anniemachon.ch: she had to sign up to a domain name in China: thanks to a twitter reader for informing us .ch is not China it is actually Switzerland). This article by Annie on the Institute of Investigative Journalism is highly recommended reading.

Point: One thing one can observe from every aforementioned writings and readings is how we all speak, that in reference to those once part of the system and now dissidents, with same tone and referential keywords in referring to events and players; e.g. Stasi as a codeword for security services, or Gestapos, etc.

Now to other interesting and informative news headlines on contemporary events:

[1] We warned of this for a long time and now it seems as it is finally here: House of Parliaments to debate on HIJAB BAN in UK (Google for other newspaper-sources, if not a PressTV person).

[2] As usual, decades or so after the crime, the British Government when about to be found out, meaning only when feeling compelled to ”come clean”, they try to pretend as if sincerely apologizing for a crime that happened long-time before before other parties put them on the accusers-box, as we saw this week with two-major events; the Irish Lawyers murder by Ulster Loyalist acknowledged in-collision with the British State (see the post below for links), and secondly, the new reparations, i.e. the forced-payments from the British Government and her security services as a result of the illegal rendition and torture of an innocent Libyan Muslim and his family, see here or here (£2m pay-out: the major reason behind the why these two actors are colliding to introduce secret courts, to stop the payments to the innocents and to avoid accountability).

[3] Other news of interest, take a look at this, innocent Muslims are more likely to suffer ”terrorism-related” arrests, official government statistics, (remember all openly available sources as well as everything you read from newspapers are not entirely factual) and again on the Hijab discrimination for Sisters-wearers and work. Finally usual interesting post-census statistics analysis here and why there is still a representational-gap between census-numbers (demographic changes)  and proportional-representations within key national offices or work placements, here.




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