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PressTV Publish Our Full (Credited & Unedited) Article: Experiences of British-Muslims In The Contemporary Britain

Before leaving you with a direct link to our published article (fully credited and unedited,that is, left based on it’s very original content) via PressTV website (Iranian News Channel, recently banned from UK, for simple reason, the old Anglo-Iranian tit-for-tat games, and nothing more), lets recap HMCO primary strategy throughout our recent change of position, from a civic welfare support local Muslim community office to a civil informational office: with a goal To Show the Rest of the World the Real Britain– Hypocritical and Dangerously Undemocratic.

Well we have informed many from far and beyond, and this week we sent out a ”press release” (the article) to PressTV which they reprinted in full, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank PressTv again. Please see the link here at HMCO Article.

added articles (Thurs, 12th Dec 2012, a day after original posted date):

Women with hijab hardly find job in UK
Census 2011: Leicester and Leicestershire by numbers | This is Leicestershire
PM apologises for MI5’s role in murder of Ulster lawyer but wife slams report into police collusion in his murder
Report Links U.K. Officials to ’89 Murder
Cameron’s statement on Finucane report + PMQs: Politics live blog | Politics | guardian.co.uk
Former FSA boss joins Barclays
Galloway exposes hostility towards Islam
PM hints at secret courts climbdown
Too Big to Indict
Whistleblower Accusations Did Deutsche Bank Fraudulently Hide Huge Losses?
Secret Talks Behind Central Banks’ Bets
They can hear you: US buses fitted with eavesdropping equipment


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