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The Daily Mail On The Case of The UK Police-Spies & The Respect Party’s Leader, The Hon. George Galloway (Full Article), and Two Important Lessons For Muslims from HMCO

Espionage [Tactic] 101:

If one is about to be found out, one must throw someone overboard as a bait and mostly likely party should be those ”visible parties” accused of the act; in other words, in order to shield away those evil-parties behind the shadows and to ‘keep a sock on not-yet-found out or jeopardized sources’ (technical or human), then those who have been on the front-line collecting intelligence etc, must be sacrificed ‘for the good of the entire operations’. This sacrifice can be done tastefully or not-so-tastefully, depending on the nature of the environment, the case, the operation, the countries, parties, etc and etc…. It might be a mere personal discrediting claims, of mental instabilities, depression, or kinkiness, sex-with-minor, etc; others might be based on physical harms [the last resort desperate options of]; assassinations presented or covered as suicide or accidents and the likes. This is just what happened to the two Muslim stooges put up by the UK police/MI5/stasi to spy on the activities of one of the leading pro-Muslim western politicians, the Honourable Mr. George Galloway of the Respect party (An Important Announcement: We, at HMCO, do sincerely hope with the next coming elections of 2015 we can get more local Leicester Muslim support for the party during voting, our own member might again stand as a Respect Party Candidate for either Leicester Mayor or the mostly likely as prospective MP for Leicester South—- PLEASE SUPPORT WHEN TIMES COMES, and start now to spread the word and build up support base for the party— THANK YOU).

In short, the husband (Police Officer) and Wife (prior to marriage just an affair), met when assigned already independently to shadow the Respect leader— and they/western ”democracies” say only China, Russia or North Korea conduct political espionage and surveillance on the opposition parties, this should be another point to be reinforced deeper into your un/consciousness that Democracy in reality does not exist (only in concept it is claimed as in existence!); in other words, the two Muslims have been sacrificed (another important lesson for would-be/wannabe spies from within the Muslim communities, the lesson being, that those who ‘you may end up working for’ DO NOT REALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU or your families etc, they can in seconds just give you and your family away without thinking twice, or worse ”get rid of you’, make you and your families disappear for good– get the drift!

We forgot to reiterate/mention perhaps a valid third lesson to be taken into serious consideration:

If they, the stasis (security services and law enforcements) can reach or set-out to reach into the private world of those politically elected representatives and other important figures or personalities or organizations, ask yourself this little question why are you so special to be anti-access, that beyond reach? This issue is one of the most fiercely debated in the United States at the present since it came out that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, equivalent to UK’s MI5: that dealing with domestic espionage generally, unlike CIA/MI6 with foreign/overseas espionage; the boundary is very grey) had access, and THIS IS THE KICKER, to the highest spymaster in the world, not just in the US, Mr./General Petreaus who recently was thus forced to resign as a CIA Director as a result of the scandal based on the affair with Ms. Paula Broadwell, his biographer. In UK, we had the case of Siddique Labour MP and MI5, and many others, some public knowledge, other still unknown the extent of the reach. In short, no one is safe from the modern (or even past) British Surveillance State (Big Brother-ism is the blood of British Political Governance: In Defence of the Realm, the British secret services main motto, nothing is to be left to chance; in other words, we put to shame totalitarian and other fascists states, hence we are in great demand among these states because of our expertise in policing and security—mmmmmm!!!!!).

Well lets go to the article.

George Galloway’s former secretary and Met Police anti-terrorism officer arrested for data protection offences

  • Senior Met officer Afiz Khan arrested on suspicion of mis-using Met database
  • His wife, George Galloway’s former secretary, arrested ‘on suspicion of data protection offences’
  • Respect MP claimed in October the pair were running a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against him

By Eddie Wrenn

PUBLISHED: 13:40, 7 December 2012 | UPDATED: 13:40, 7 December 2012

George Galloway’s former secretary has been arrested – along with her anti-terrorism officer husband – on suspicion of data protection offences.

Aisha Ali-Khan and her husband, Detective Inspector Afiz Khan, were both arrested on Wednesday on suspicions relating to the mis-use of police databases.

It follows Galloway’s allegations in October of ‘dirty tricks’ by the pair – although the arrests are not believed to be connected to his specific complaints.

'Lovers': The picture said to show Aisha Khan with Scotland Yard officer Detective Inspector Afiz Khan‘Lovers’: The picture said to show Aisha Khan with Scotland Yard officer Detective Inspector Afiz Khan

Mr Galloway suspended mother-of-one Miss Khan, 32, from her role in October – claiming the couple ran a smear campaign against the Respect MP for Bradford West, including encouraging the Guardian newspaper to run a piece against the party.

He also claimed that the couple slept together at the MP’s house in Streatham, south London, while he was away in Indonesia.

Afiz Khan, a member of the Met’s elite SO15 anti-terror squad, is suspected of misusing police databases and abusing his position as a police officer. He has been on restricted duties since October.

A Met spokesman said: A detective inspector from specialist operations was arrested this morning at his home address in Watford.

‘He has been arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office and data protection offences.’

George Galloway, pictured with wife Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, claimed the Met officer had sex with his aide in his house while he was abroadGeorge Galloway, pictured with wife Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, claimed the Met officer had sex with his aide in his house while he was abroad

The spokesman added: ‘A woman has been arrested [not a Met police service employee] in connection with the DPS [Directorate of Professional Standards] investigation at her home address in Bradford.

‘She has been arrested on suspicion of data protection offences.

‘The arrests come as a result of an investigation by the DPS into a complaint from a member of the public with regard to the actions of an officer based within specialist operations.’

In October, Galloway alleged Ali-Khan was a Met police ‘agent’ who was running a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign to discredit the Respect party.

He showed emails between the husband and wife which he claimed supported his claims – and the Guardian said police are ‘trying to ‘ascertain’ how the MP managed to get the private Hotmail emials.

Ali-Khan told the newspaper the emails merely showed a husband ‘counselling his wife in how to deal with bullying and misogyny in Respect’s Bradford office.

The pair have been bailed to return pending further inquiries in early March 2013.

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