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It’s December & It’s Still Curfew-Status In & Around The Highfields Muslim-Dominated Areas of Leicester!!

Few months ago, we at HMCO posted our very first blog-article on the ”Shocking News” of how the Highfields areas of Leicester (a city in UK), which is predominantly Muslim, was under curfew or almost under curfew as the practice can be defined traditionally (see this post). Anyway, those who instituted such a practice, of course always under the justification and authoritative claims of ”in the name of protection of the citizens” or residents of the areas, the local stasis/police, ”promised” by December the curfew might be lifted (eh: … the curfew….. might be….lifted….), if ”things go back to normalcy”; what things? what should be defined as the state of yester-normalcy? (the power to answer these are those of the stasis Only!!!). Anyway, to shorten up—- THE CURFEW IS STILL IN PLACE!!!!!!!!!!

Discussing The Big-Debate of The Day: the Gay-Mosque in France.

Why? Because France is cleverer of the most cleverest. What do we mean? Lets briefly introduce you to the world of Intelligence Agencies Cultures. What is an Intelligence Agency Culture (hereafter IAC)?

IAC is that what defines the traditional conduct of a particular national intelligence services, in other words, how the French Intelligence Services differ to those of other nations, etc. IAC is a behavioural culture of an agency like habit is for an individual, for example certain people have certain ways of looking and interpreting or approaching things, or even react to these, and so it is no difference for organizations (what the management students refer to as Organizational Cultures).

The idea of a Gay-Mosque is the idea (funded and implemented) by the French Intelligence Services. You see, the French and the Brits also are trying new ways to ”regain face” within the general greater Islamic world and perceptions as a result of their many predictable old-aged policies, from ”Arab Springs” and arming of rebels to etc etc……The French being the most cleverest of the intelligence services in the world, will be explained below, decided to ”further create deeper divisions within the Islamic populace and cultures” (Cultures are powerful than Ideas, they are Ideas, powerful sustaining Ideas…hence again recognizable to management students the critical need for ”Change Consultants” to fight the resistance to Organizational Changes); at the present within the geopolitical platform the division-strategy is based around the claims of the Muslim World under a Civil War between the Shias and the Sunni (a lie, but still a lie that is told so often it is accepted among the unintelligent members of the greater Muslim Communities as the truth: Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s Spokesperson and Propaganda Strategist (teacher to all), once cleverly remarked, what here we will outline as we prefer to define it, ”A Lie is a Truth, without too much details and ever repeated as the truth”, in other words, the greater the lie, the greater the truth we come to accept it as! Anyway, in short, Gay-Mosque is an Intelligence Operation with French Services’ finger-prints all-over the place.

Why the French Intelligence Services are the most Cleverest of all?

The French have a culture of adaptation, manipulation and ruthless innovations and creativity in their general ‘national culture’ which is reflective of their own intelligence services. The British, like their national cultures, they prize formalities and traditions, hence their services can be read like books, because these literary conduct themselves by ”rules of the book”, what was done before, that, tested-and-worked approached (conservatism), hence you can never be surprised by the British. The British approach is always about making deals and big promises (what one of us refers to as the Ponzi Diplomacy; taking from here and give it there, then taking back and giving back, in other words, exchanging nothing that they have but peoples own assets. For example if you have a pen, I will take it and promise you a paper, bring the paper which I took from someone else and give it to you and then later I will try to have your pen and not your paper both in your possession for a brief moment then I will take both and give to the other person, the person who had the paper originally, who will now have the possession of both, in the end no one really has anything; the Ponzi or Lord Castlereagh Diplomacy: this is why the British are constantly running around the world, they have to in order to uphold the farce and illusions of it’s ‘great network’). The Americans is simple: what is America? One leading American Statesman, as everyone else ever since have come to appreciate the fact, Benjamin Franklin, defined it as A Business State Model, in other words, everything to Americans is about the Dollar—Americans conduct themselves like businesspeople in general, that as a nation, and this is how their services are like always throwing money on every problem, ideas do not rein there (it is one of the dumbest intelligence services in the world, but not the poorest and this is exactly how it wins, via its buying power). Well, we shall leave it here with few selected newspaper articles for your reading:

Snoopers’ charter that would store private information from Facebook and texts may be sunk by Lib Dems
Not black-and-white: The chess game behind the recent Gaza-Israel war (Op-Ed) — RT
Theresa May under fire over spy tipped to be top mandarin – and his love for her glamorous aide
The thin blue gravy train: How new police commissioners are appointing their friends as deputies – on up to £68,000 a year
Police arrest six children aged 10 and 11 every day in England and Wales
Amazing body art transforms people into living things | Mail Online
Internet surveillance will save lives, says Theresa May
Shocking UK kids arrest figures revealed


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