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Our International Media Campaign Is Working Successfully: Telling The Truth About UK ”Democracy”!

Most recently we started targeting special international media channels in communicating the BS, or lies, of western governments and media, especially our own in the UK, and their claims of democracies. We have been writing and communicating with [1] Iran’s, now banned in UK (double standards, and a symbolism of the big democracy lie), PressTV, [2] FarsNews, to Russia’s [3] Ria Novosti, [4] RT, [5] CCTV (China), also the Middle-Eastern ”shifty” presses (Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, MENA etc) and soon we intend to communicate with others as far as Venezuela, Africa etc.

What we have observed recently is the high volumes of stories of similar sentiments and approach to our own claims of Muslim persecution, growing surveillance state, eroding freedom of internet and other areas, of course including our much focused upon secret courts, policing state characteristics of UK and so forth.

We want to thank all these media channels. Below are some of few selections (some related, some not):

UK’s secret courts would hide tortures
UK racists target Muslim family
Facebook privacy policy violates European law
New Facebook policy raises alarms over sharing of user data
Pro-Israeli lobby buys UK politicians
For the benefit of Stasis-Gestapos, we are still ”WATCHING [& Recording] YOU”: Always Smile! (These evidence are sent to these media as well).


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