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Muslims In The News’ Headlines: Saturday’s [17.11.12] Reading Collection

We at HMCO thought we might start a new informative and educational tradition, one that will strive to bring you, Muslims and general blog readers of interests, a segment of a highly recommended readings from your local, national and international newspapers and general media as they appear which covers Muslim affairs, and might thus affect Muslims general welfare. Today, Sat 17th Nov 2012, we have a few selections from varieties of local and national newspaper, for example yesterday’s story as the national media picks up the Clarissa D Wright’s (of Fat Chefs, popular British Chef duo) ‘great lie’ on Leicester’s Muslims/ghettos; other stories include our winning prediction made few weeks ago that a Conservative candidate, a former RAF officer, [”Sir”] Clive Loader, winning the PCC election as the new PCC (Police Crime Commissioner) for Leicestershire and Rutland Police Forces: he was recently, a fortnight, interviewed by BBC Leicester, having him on the record saying my first duty is [1] to connect the public with their local police, [2] to ”recruit” more ethnics and make our local forces more representative, and [3] to fight police culture of race and other negativities– Well let see how it goes! Also included is Daily Mail’s ”little dangerous campaign” to tackle ”white girls grooming by some Asian idiots”, who are mostly either banded as broadly Muslims or Pakistanis.

Here are the links to excellent articles: 


One Fat Lady in race row over Muslim ghetto’ jibe: The Islamic area of Leicester frightened me, says TV chef
Clarissa Dickson Wright: Leicester a ‘Muslim ghetto’
Sir Clive Loader elected as PCC Sir Clive Loader
Sir Clive Loader elected as Leicestershire police commissioner
Sex gangs report ‘will play down threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls’
Tory MP Kris Hopkins claims ‘gangs of Muslim men are going round and raping white kids’
Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t
Jews still running the world, implies the Guardian


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