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Leicester Mercury: UK Chef, Clarrisa Wright, On Leicester’s Muslims (A ”Frightening” Experience of Encounter, she says!)

Today, Fri Nov 16th 2012, the local newspaper, Leicester Mercury, published a story on the writings of one of the best-known British chefs, Ms. Clarissa Dickinson Wright, headed ‘‘Fury at TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright’s comments about Muslims in Leicester”, which can be found on this link for online reading. In short what the Mercury fails to note is how the celebrity chef rather exaggerated the facts, such as ”men walking in front and women behind”, or ”men not speaking to women”, really? Who else has experienced such a lot of what is truly misleading, exaggerated and complete utter lies? But this is the general stereotypical perception of many Brits who have limited-to-zero contact or interactions with these ”inner cities dominated by men in Muslim clothing and women in Burkhas” (her words), or even mere long-encounters with actual religious-practising Muslims in workplaces or academic institutions. Ms. Wright is a chef and thus not unfamiliar to ”cooking-up” dishes to entice the aroma of her new dishes/Book (she needs sales and her biggest fans are dominantly white-middle-aged Brits living in the countryside with zero-interactive opportunities with real Muslims): job well-done for Ms. Wright in cooking-up a rather cheeky, though at the same time dangerously unhealthy dish/lies. Try and read also the comments.



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