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Why HMCO finally decided to Write To The World About British-Muslims Silent-Persecution?

We, at HMCO, finally decided to pen-out a Letter and sent out yesterday to the rest of the outside world telling of the persecution of our people, the Muslims: the letter can now be located on the top, as a page and not as a post.

After tolerating varieties of actions directed against ourselves by the local security services, from open harassment tactics, to cyber-surveillance and so forth, when more recently began a phase of ”quieter” acts that can only be recognized as acts conducted by security services, especially by those trained and experienced and not mere averaged citizens, this brought to us, in particular our toleration, to an exhaustion and utter fed-up, and thus we decided right there especially after the morning to mid-day (of Weds 7th Nov 2012) surveillance-helicopter circling above us that we had to change the dynamics of the game and this excitingly brought our exp-minds into sharp application:

You see in fighting, be it of a warfare or a street or whatever form and shape the fight is to take nature, there are certain general laws, or what we can call these manoeuvrability options that one can take, and within these laws there exists three perhaps most significant of the ”principles of fighting/war”, and they generally are directed at the opposition’s ”commander’s psyche”, that targeting the mind and intentions, namely initiative, of your opponent. In short;

  1. First, one must always be sure that one is ready and completely willing to get into the fight: The Will To Fight Principle. Without the will to fight it means one can not have ”the why” and ”the how”. Also with the lack of these, why and how, then one can not have the ability to see the fight through to the end, as most fights are gruesome and requires, no, demands complete energy and spirit of those engaged on these. In our present examples, we at HMCO had more recently decided to get all-in in the fight, non-violently, of course, and to take on the undemocratic acts perpetrated against our people, the Muslim communities at home and local, in specific, respectively. This is a huge demand and strain, as to go all in against a powerful cabal of long-established and well-resourced parties is equivalent to self-sacrifice but we decided someone must take to the fight at home, so here is our will to see the fight to the end against the undemocratic practises perpetrated by UK security services and government against her own Muslim-residents. We even rationale that if ”taken-out” we will produce a far more dynamic effect against these actors, the status of ”m-word” without b-word, now that is powerful, and no powerful opponent can fail to appreciate that.
  2. Secondly, and also equally important, is never allow your enemy freedom of action and initiative, in other words do not allow him to command and decide where you will fight-it-out; i.e choice of location, what rules to follow etc. In our present example, and HMCO primary goal all along, was never to allow the British Government and it’s security services to operate behind shadows with zero-accountability. The regular readers of the blog will know exactly what we mean, it means we decided to strip naked and put these actor up on stage and then shine a light on them so the rest of the community (local), society (national) and nations (world), can see exactly who and how they really are and conduct themselves. This is the most feared strategy by any government which claim to be democratic when it practises acts that are antithetic to democratic values and principles; hence [a] when they tell the rest of the world, ”freedom of speech and internet”, the world should say these words ”ACTA or SOPA”, and ”News of The World or Murdoch” etc; [b] when they say freedom of political association, or freedom to political dissidents, the world should say Northern Ireland, HMCO, two-party systems etc; [c] when they say no surveillance, the world should say ‘NSA FOIA’, ‘UK SNOOPERS CHARTER’ etc; [d] when they say no to police state, the world should simply say……PPPPLEASE!; [e] when they say don’t arm anti-”rebels” state, the world should say REALLY (Who is arming the local criminals or rather ”rebels”)!; and of course don’t forget [f] the secret courts, [g] corrupt and racist police and politicians (Levenson and Expense Scandals); [h] CCTV; [i] Arms-Sales to dictatorial regimes of Middle East; [j] Torture of own citizens, abduction, e.g. Mahdi Hashi, Talha Ahsan, Begg; [k] student spying; [l] community spying; [m] police tactics; [n] and the disturbingly draconian ”Anti-Terror Laws”, the List is long and disturbing equally (so we stop here). In short, the UK or any modern western governments has no right to preach to others about human rights, social responsibilities, or democracy and so forth, until these states can start acting like real democracies themselves not go about terrorizing own sections of societies and plea ”it is all for the common security!” The Nazis and Stalinists and other totalitarian regimes have claimed the same logic— it was all for the common national security, mmm!!!!
  3. The third principle of fighting is what can only be referred to as ”dialects” or the ”theory of opposites”, I like Sun-Tzu-ian, since the theorist was one of the first to pen-in it down in details. It goes like this, when you are strong, appear weak to your opponent; when weak, strong; when you believe your opponent believes in certain stereotype or theories, feed your opponent these in abundance. In short, let your opponent always under-estimate you, or not think much or over-much of you, or in other words, leave them always confused.

This is why we took our grievances global, and we are not going to stop.


P.S. Check out the post below on FMO Part II or here; discussing how to recognize anti-Muslims ”Muslim-Run” Organizations.


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