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How To Recognize Other Government-Funded Muslims-Targeting Organizations Like FMO

Here is a simple advisory outline on how to recognize other government-funded and commanded organizations that might be presented as working with or for you, but in reality these are working against you.

As stated previously the practice is normal within the confined practical world of covert operations against what has been identified as a ”threatening” section of a society; that in today’s world are the Muslims. In sum, and to the point, here are some characteristics to watch out for;

  • These, as stated already, will always be provided with own channel of communication in order to able these organizations or individuals to reach the wider targeted public, such as FMO’s ”Radio Ramadhan” or whatever. Other might include websites, forums, TV-Channels, newsletter or paper etc, or all in a mix. In short anything that is of two-channel capability, meaning it can be sent out towards the respective TA (that in the professional of Psychological Operations, PSYOPS, or what is today referred to as MISO, Military Information Support Operations, refers and stand for ”Targeted Audience”, you, the Muslim), and it can receive back feedback from these for analysis of threatening inclinations, or how to further manipulate and win you over.
  • Secondly, all these organizations will ”fly the popular colours”, in other words, they will ”flaunt” openly their ”support” of those most popular sentiments, at local or national, cultural or racial, in terms of Muslims and FMO it is Palestine, they have the colours of Palestine plastered all-over; Palestine being the most important issue for Muslims across the world.
  • Thirdly, the biographical analysis (BA or KB) of the managements of these organizations can always be observed with old or even present-persistence links and associations to governing parties. These facts can never be hidden, because the establishment can never trust unknown individuals with missions of literary bordering on betrayal of their own peoples. In terms of FMO, Suleman Nagdi is the obvious point of investigation.
  • Then there is the selection of ”services” provided, such as Madrassa advice or support, or Arabic classes, or Women studies, or empowerment classes, or English etc, all these are consciously selected as a result of collected ”profiles of the detained” individuals who have shown a tendencies toward these activities; Arabic classes etc. Secondly these organizations set out to target specific KEY audiences, the women/sisters, as result of their roles as childrens’ first-teachers, in other words, their natural abilities to easily manipulate or mould behaviour of their children, as well as their husbands or boyfriends etc: and within most societies, especially the Muslim world matriarchal power is central to it’s way of life, meaning women (mothers, sisters, wives etc) are bestowed great leadership and importance powers. Also the women tend to be very passionate and ”persuade-able” on winning hearts and minds. FMO run all above mentioned courses and programmes. Other vulnerable groups are the students,  and the young/children and youths, what the Greek Humanists saw a the most vulnerable of all, never the elderly (hence no programmes for these).
  • Then, of course, as stated previously, these organizations tend to claim representative status of all Muslims, that speaking for all Muslim communities, or local, or businesses etc. Hence FMO claims to be a representative of all of Leicestershire Muslim Organizations. The rationale behind this is long so we wont waste time here, however just in brief mention, the logic is intended [1] to be able to keep close watch, [2] to manipulate by targeting key leadership, [3] to claim legitimacy and authority, and when needed to [4] claim full-representational responsibilities without being challenged, meaning everything they would say from then onward is law.
  • These organization are always located within, that well-placed within the local communities; very strategically and well-placed, where the location can support a hurried-on or planned ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) of the neighbourhood. Examine FMO positioning/location, it is fantastic (close to the Muslim-Schools, Mosques, meeting centres etc).
  • These organizations are also well-funded, even at times of austerity, that economic downturn, these never suffer ”cuts”, ask why? Leicester City Council is cutting funds across the board but no one has mentioned ‘Islamic organizations’ like FMO. In short, if you see an organization with a ”good premise”, at a good location, with all sorts of courses and programmes running throughout the year and run not by volunteers but paid professionals, possess own professional communications means, unlike us with blogs, face-to-face, forums etc, then just keep away from it.
  • Another indicator is that you will see a non-Muslims, now and again, either in full-time employment or just coming and going. Or part of the ‘board of trustees’, or ”associative in projects etc.

In short, a well-funded organization in a run-down area, with individuals who seem unable to fund such projects by own initiatives or even able to raise funds independently as their services do not seem popular at local communities, and with individuals with a histories of close relations to governing powers etc, work or other associations, and even in hard time these organizations appear to still running as if unaffected by hardship of the times while the rest around these organizations are foundering from the pressure of economic pains, then you just found you little stooge within!



SURVEILLANCE HELICOPTER ON AIR AS WE TYPE THIS OUT (fitted with…….. welcome to Britain!).


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