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This article is written with the primary goal of waking you all to the dangerous reality of acts taking places around the western world that will further undermine our values of democracy. First, one must realize that United States is a young nation which still holds dear to the value and principles of democracy, and she has been the only state in the world that has come closer to a perfect model of republican democracy, however as time has passed, just like the old Europe of France or Britain (other referential parties on this paper), democracy is slowly being tamed with astonishing successes as a result of apathetic masses. In short, this paper directs you the reader, Muslim or not (as long as you are a lover of democracy and concerned about it’s deterioration), to sources that will help with your self-education efforts towards appreciating the sad reality of how we have never really been a true democracy, and how the final chunk of what remains that can be defined as democratic is under threat from those who seek to impose old aristo-oligarchy system, where the privileged few benefit and command the rest.

United Kingdom:

In UK the present threat is the Snoopers Charter, below are a collection of newspapers articles for your reading:

What It Is?

The Opposition

The Supporters: One, Two,

and perhaps the best source from many varieties of sources discussing the bill one one source is here: see this link. Other best reading sources are; here, here, here, here, here and here. Also see the post below from The New York Times excellent article on the matter which relates the general nature of British ”Big Brother” Character and this as a natural next phase (a must read).

Other as already discussed are the issues surrounding Counter-Terrorism Act, which no one spoke against and now no one is safe from it! Or the secret Kafkaesque courts where evidence fabricated or not can be presented without any legal challenges (see posts below or this recent post discussing Ken Clarke former Tory Justice Minister, who sees as many, these courts as ”cost-saving” devices against counter-sues by those who are innocent and illegally detained under fascists new unprecedented counter-terror laws, see here).

For general Big-Brother Character of Modern Britain, see Saeed’s Private consultancy blog, with many articles on threats to democracy, but perhaps most unmissable (with a video from Channel Four) see these selected and highly recommended readings:

Post One: How Your Computer Is Spying On You

Post Two: The Video

Part Three: Britain The World’s Most Advanced Surveillance Society (Channel Four Documentary)

In Germany, already the problem is being discussed, see here. (mostly on profiling).

In Canada, new laws are discussed: see here.

In US, the public is taking their own government to Supreme Court against unprecedented post-9/11 powers of NSA (National Security Agency) against spying on her own citizens (or UN and other states, not a secret): see here.

For a good read on a list of 14 popular surveillance tools used by ”western democracies” against own citizens this shocking and informative link is a good summary; see here.

Good Videos:

The War On Democracy

The Secrets of CIA- SKY Atlantic

From Saeed’s Ethos One and Two

Other interesting pages for your perusal from Saeed’s blog are:

This, This and This.

From the great Wikileaks see these pages on booming private surveillance industry (where your medical to all other informations are collected and sold to private and state parties without your knowledge or consent: these are called data analytics): here and here.

And a great British site examining surveillance is this from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism: see here and this from a Nottingham university professor who blew the secret and got fired: here.

We will add more in time, so keep coming back for visit on weekly or fortnight basis.



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