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The Case of Mahdi Hashi: Why HMCO Took To Campaigning (the dangerous new tactics) & Our Next Step?

Good Morning,
We, at HMCO, never campaign on anything, we leave this sort of special activities to others, but we started and took with vigour to Mahdi Hashi Campaign not because we know the lad or because we wanted to get into campaigning business, but because of the dangerously unprecedented new tactics by the British government to it’s own residential-citizens (especially the Muslims) displayed in the case of Mahdi Hashi ”abduction, detention and rendition” to Djibouti for Torture.
Torture is the concern, or rather the inability to account the British government as before when torture takes place. This is exactly why the new tactic of stripping off a citizenship to anyone, mainly Muslims today, and then sending them to undergo undefinable torture in the hands of unaccountable foreign states is, and must be, a great concern to every democratic loving and civil rights and rule of law individuals and groups should take to and fight back. This is why we at HMCO took to campaigning on behalf of Mahdi Hashi and his family. Bring him back to UK, and if he is claimed to be guilty put him into the legal process and if found guilty, as defined to be guilty today, then it’s your business. All we ask is for the British Muslims and others to support our civil liberties and fight against anti-democratic practices such as torture to show this government and it’s henchmen in the security services we will not allow them to slowly institute, with our tacit ignorance, this despicable and dangerous practices: We want to be able to take them to account if torture is conducted with their knowledge; We want to be able to feel safe when leaving the country, and not worrying will my own government rip-off my citizenship and leave (and at time take me with their own hands) to the wolves, for equally undespicable practices on myself and families.

This is why we must not stop saying and showing support for #BringHashiBackHome (please re-tweet in support). What other steps you can take in support?:

  • Outside your house tie a ‘white ribbon’ (re-tweet #whiteribbon next to #mahdihashi thank you), and if possible write on an A4 paper #BringHashiBackHome Tweet-Support please.
  • On your car you can do same thing, A4 and a white ribbon on antenna etc.
  • if at universities and have meetings or table by walkway put the A4 behind for all to see, please.
  • Ask mosques, or Islamic societies place of worship to allow you to put the A4 inside the board
  • and so forth, be inventive.
  • In time, we will do candle-vigil by a designated location, as well as city-centre standing with a placard,

Show Your Support, because as we already stated before, Tomorrow it just might be you or me, let us not allow the government to ”cleverly” whittle-out of accountability and responsibilities for their undemocratic behaviours on their own citizens!






14 thoughts on “The Case of Mahdi Hashi: Why HMCO Took To Campaigning (the dangerous new tactics) & Our Next Step?

  1. Greetings, Saeed. I have been thinking about Mahdi Hashi recently. Along the lines it seems he was a targeted individual – was he gangstalked?
    A couple of books you have probably already noted: “Undercover. The true Story of Britain’s Secret Police”; “Britain’s Biggest Gang” by Stephen Hayes.

    Take care, Wiliamson

    Posted by wiliamson | August 15, 2013, 9:18 am
  2. Greetings Saeed. I hope you and your loved ones are well. This is my second note. wordpress just told me they “lost” my first message. That has been happening a lot lately. Thank you for the 2 articles you flagged for my attention. One my library server blocked. But the other on police heavy handed tactics on peaceful demonstrators is well noted. You might find of interest on the site – before it’s news – the article Police seizing cash and property from citizens without charges.

    You might remember that I told you that I had had problems when attending University (Ulster University, Coleraine campus) 1979. Around the time of my husbands death I was subjected to bizarre behaviour from one of his relatives. Baffled I enquired on Wikipedia reference desk and was told that behaviour was “gaslighting” a term I had not heard of. When I researched gaslighting I came across gang stalking, which described what had happened at Uni – and ever since. Over time I have developed deep disgust for the methods used by my persecutors. Namely their brazen disregard for peoples lives and welfare. Presumably on the lies spread about me at Uni weirdos started hanging around where I lived. The single lady on one side sold her house and moved away. the elderly man, who had lived there all his life became fearful and got an alsatian. More recently when I lived in London I applied to work in a charity book shop. Immediately a whole new set of volunteers arrived and the original staff started acting oddly. This was the Oasis charity in Trinity Rd, Tooting, about 200 yards from the mosque. When word got into that community what was happening – this is a gay charity – what would the likely consequences be for the staff/shop? It was like they were deliberately inciting an incident. So I left.

    Since living in Harrogate I believe all the following have been told lies about me. My estate agents, Beadnall & copley, my banks Halifax and Yorkshire Building Society, staff at Harrogate library and Knaresborough library, and medical staff who assisted my late husband. Regarding the last I believe that the hostile relative spread the rumour that I was abusing my husband. I am not a criminal, not even anti-social – so what is the point? Then the penny dropped. The targeted individual generally is innocent. If they were a criminal the police would simply arrest them and that would be the end of the matter. Also I believe it is likely they are like myself, poor and low status. This means we do not have the middle class resources to protect ourselves, and also because of class prejudice lies told about us to middle class people will be believed. I am valueless – as a target – but I am priceless as BAIT.. All the above are people more valuable than myself principally because they are in a position to affect peoples lives. They control records, which can get lost or distorted. I have been used as a recruiting agent by criminals.

    I tried to keep this short, but I seem to have gone on a bit. Please keep flagging articles which you think might interest me – I confess I no longer read your posts from cover to cover. You can write faster than I can read and absorb.

    try – exposegangstalking and targeted-individuals

    Best wishes.
    Clair McCleary

    Posted by wiliamson | August 21, 2013, 9:40 am
    • Hi Clair,

      That is an amazing story, one among the many hundreds unheard and probably never to be heard about the nature of our secretive British police state. Let your heart not falter though as there is always a way when a will to overcome is there.

      Thanks for the reading suggestions on gangstalking and targeted-individuals. And I do know what you mean by cant keep up with our updates, afterall it has been a busy month with NSA-Leaks, new scandals after another etc.

      For alternative political model and approach, I propose this: http://internationalresistance.wordpress.com/

      The link again is: http://internationalresistance.wordpress.com/



      Note: the blog-link and materials above is a product of myself (Saeed) only and not part of Jerusalem Group.

      Posted by highfieldsoffice | August 21, 2013, 5:39 pm
      • Thank you for your pointer to internationalresistance. Looks interesting. Lots of good reading there. Thanks. You might be interested in – 38 degrees under threat. Rights and Wrongs. Campaigning organisations are under threat with proposed legislation.

        Best wishes,

        Posted by wiliamson | August 23, 2013, 11:58 am
      • absolute truth, and I will check out the 38 degree.


        Posted by highfieldsoffice | August 23, 2013, 12:08 pm
      • Hullo, Saeed. I think you might find the following book of interest. “The Cost of Inequality” by Stewart Lansley. In the ’70’s, British society was diamond shaped. A small group at the top, a small group at the bottom and a large middle. Now that diamond shape is inverted, with a bulge at the top, a larger bulge at the bottom, and very little in the middle. The result of taking manufacturing out of the system, greatly affected by the switch from Keynsian economic policies to the free market capitalism model adopted both by Thatcher and Reagan and continued ever since even under Labour govts. (My view is, not expressed in the book, that taking manufacturing out of the system returns our society to a pre-industrial model, with a super rich upper class and everyone else reduced to cheap labour/servants.) Very informative, worth a look if you have time. Best wishes. Clair

        On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Jerusalem Group wrote:

        > ** > highfieldsoffice commented: “absolute truth, and I will check out the > 38 degree. Thanks.”

        Posted by wiliamson | September 2, 2013, 9:00 am
      • Hi Clair,

        Thanks for the recommendation and your economics sounds good to me.

        In short, massive privatisation (which has seen the likes of Serco running Britain now, rather than Whitehall mandarins) and monopolization of sector by giant foreign corporations (and not supporting our SMEs) rather than be good for national health is actually very serious.

        Thanks again.

        And I hope you are doing very well (as can be afforded), if bored come with me to Dublin or Berlin in the coming weeks (haha).


        Posted by highfieldsoffice | September 2, 2013, 1:46 pm
      • Thanks for your reply. Enjoy your journeys. Best wishes. Clair

        Posted by wiliamson | September 3, 2013, 10:19 am
  3. Hullo Saeed. I hope your journeys went safely and well. I have come across a couple more books which you might find of interest. “Stalker” by John Stalker. The Dep Police Chief in Manchester, of undisputed integrity who was tasked with the enquiry into the RUC “shoot to kill” policy. Two weeks before he finished his report he was taken off the enquiry and subjected to a police investigation himself – but was not told why. Eventually he was reinstated, name cleared, but not before his entire life and financial records had been thoroughly trawled through on a fishing expedition, and he had run up huge legal bills, which could have lost him his house, but for the beneficence of the general public. A colleague, also with no criminal record was subjected to an ongoing police investigation, which again turned up no criminal activity, but financially ruined him. This book is a terrribly good read due to the logical and lucid writing style of the author.
    The other book is “Whistleblower” by Bolkovac, a straight cop who worked for DynCorp, a contractor of the UN. After a successful prosecution of a man who stabbed his wife, a ground-breaking case, Bolkovac was assigned Gender Officer for the UN, (Bosnia). She was inundated with women who had been trafficked into prostitution, and when Bolkovac uncovered Dyncorp/UN employee involvement, she was sacked – for doing her job too well.
    There is also an article in yesterdays Sunday Express which you might not have seen. “Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles”, says ex-child protection officer”
    I continue to research gang stalking/organised stalking. I have a few blogs up if you are interested. Gangstalkers bait. Targeted Individuals are Bait. Targets are bait.
    As you might have deduced from the titles, I have arrived at the conclusion that targeted individuals are not the primary target of the ongoing harassment campaigns. Gangstalking sites I have looked at suggest that targeted individuals are generally working class – women, blacks, gays (which would make gangstalking the secret continuance of racism, sexism and homophobia). But the people recruited by the “bait” are generally higher socio-economic class – standard middle class people. The standard middle class prejudice that only middle class people have decent values, and working class people are the criminal/immoral class, means lies told about a working class person to a middle class person will be believed. However, they are the real victims. Once recruited they become the puppets of their controllers, who will also minutely study their lives for any illegalities they or a member of their family might have engaged in. They cooperate out of fear, but it does not save them. Two of my previous landlords lost their houses, and one his business. When gangstalkers control landlords they encourage them to put up rents, upgrading their properties if necessary, so as to max the take. Presumably they are getting a pay off. Anyway, I present my ideas in my blogs (if you can find them).

    Been long winded again. Sorry. Best Regards. Clair MCCleary

    Posted by prayerwarriorpsychicnot | October 21, 2013, 11:25 am

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