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RT (Russia Today) Picks Up The Case of Mahdi Hashi & MI5 Dirty-Tactics: Good Reading Plus Additional Advices From Us To You

Before moving on, let us say we have just started a Twitter-Campaign hash-tagged #BringHashiBackHome (PLEASE SUPPORT, Muslim or not, Thank You: also follow up the hash with key addresses @foreignoffice @TheresaMay_ and @ukhomeoffice). You can follow us on twitter @highfieldsUK and on facebook at Highfields comm. Tomorrow it might be a campaign for you!

Before we print in full and in original state of appearance the story from RT, we should mention, or rather reinstate the earlier statements we made here that whatever happens, as this most recent case of Mahdi Hashi clearly illustrates, if you are an immigrant (Muslim or not), you are just that, an Immigrant and not a British, to those in British government and society (sad truth), and anytime ”they can rip-off your citizenship”, that whenever they want, this should wake you up more, as you come to realization that you are nothing but an immigrant just-residing within the UK borders, and you have no rights as those provided and reserved to the native-British. Let these lessons plough deeper into your psyches.

Thus, by appreciating above ugly-truth/reality, you can then move to appreciating the sub-logic that you can never successfully challenge these powers when they come after you, innocent or not, they will rip you apart, because as those familiar with the dark world of security services will inform you (read all memoirs of ex-agents etc), there are generally two laws of the land; [Laws I]those reserved for the ordinary British People (as even you and me, Muslims, and non-Muslims immigrants, do not really have the comfort of these) and those [Laws II: Supremo] belonging to the security services (these are the laws-in-themselves: they can decide what is ‘right or wrong’, what are the ”acceptable limits or not” and so forth, and if any one attempts to question or criticize these and the over-powers, beyond the acceptable limits of ”rule of laws”, they will be dealt with either by being blackmailed with compromising materials, or threaten with financial or career stability, or accused of things based on fabricated evidence, and other discrediting tactics). What this means is simple, especially for Muslims.


What the strategy means is, as stated below (see this post) you should never cease to SHOW THE DARK UNDEMOCRATIC SIDE OF THE UK GOVERNMENT AND IT’S HENCHMEN (in security services), UNDERMINE THEIR CLAIMS OF ‘DEMOCRACY AND FREE SOCIETY’, THROUGH TALKING AND SHOWING EVIDENCE COLLECTED FROM OPEN SOURCES (what in profession is referred to as OSINT, Open-Source Intelligence, that can be collected from books, reports, journals, articels, blogs, forums, social media, traditional media etc). Hold group and network forums, to freely chat about what is going on etc. When you see them, the security services around, take pictures and recordings, and then record and file these, when needed you can produce these or send these to either Netpol or FitWatch. When you go out of the country talk about the country’s ills and darker sides and so forth (here is an advice for those travelling abroad, being the point where you are vulnerable as Hashi and others, where they can easily ”take you hostage”, try to prepare secret communicative links, where you can inform people that you are fine by using a word within the sent text or letter and so forth periodically; or you can always travel with a media that is connected and visible to third parties, so real-time footage of your abduction or other approaches can be stream live to those in UK, locally and the specially selected civil societies). Never ever try to say you are going to campaign against this or that, if you start acting they will start their own illegal campaign against you of intimidation, harassment and investigation where they will take your life and flip it inside-out, where they will harass your close relatives, friends as a form of indirect strategy to get to you and so forth. And perhaps most importantly your actions will be fruitless as any other before you set-out against these ”legitimized-hooligans”, NO COURT IN THE COUNTRY, WILL EVER, LET REPEAT THIS FOR EMPHASIS, NO COURT IN THE WESTERN OR ANY OTHER PART OF THE WORLD WILL EVER EVER ACCEPT TO CHARGE THEIR OWN HOOLIGANS IN SECURITY SERVICES; THEY CAN KILL YOU, HARASS YOU, BEAT YOU, TORTURE YOU, OR YOUR FRIENDS OR RELATIVES, AND SO FORTH, AND THEY WILL NEVER BE CHARGED—-THE MOST THAT WILL HAPPEN IS ”A WEEK OR A YEAR OFF SUSPENSION, WITH PAY OF COURSE” (the cases are many, e.g. UK rioters, the killing of innocent pensioner, the Northern Ireland, the Rendition, the torture in Libya, Syria, Morocco etc).


The RT Article in Full, with original comments, on Mahdi Hashi:


Go to main page   News   UK ‘discards own citizen who refused to spy on Muslims’

UK ‘discards own citizen who refused to spy on Muslims’

Published: 31 October, 2012, 12:49
Edited: 31 October, 2012, 15:10

A Somali-born Briton was stripped of his citizenship by the home secretary and probably taken in secret to the US for illegal detention and torture as reprisal for his refusal to become an MI5 informant, his family alleges.

­Mahdi Hashi grew up in the UK from the age of five and was a British citizen. This summer the 23-year-old went missing, and his family found out that the Home Office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in Islamic “extremist activities”.

His parents are distraught. They say that Madhi is an innocent victim of a British intelligence plot and that he was punished after he refused to work for MI5.

“All I can say is that Madhi is a Muslim in belief; he is a practicing Muslim. But being a practicing Muslim does not mean an Islamist. That’s all why he is being victimized,” says Mahdi’s dad Mohamed Hashi.

Back in 2009, Mahdi Hashi was a care worker in a north London community center. It was then that he and four of his Muslim colleagues say they were approached and harassed separately by British security agents. Hey claimed that MI5 threatened to label them “Islamic extremists” if they refused to become informants for British intelligence and spy on their Muslim community.

Mahdi refused. He complained to his MP Frank Dobson and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the body which oversees MI5. He also spoke to the media in a bid to protect himself.

Campaigners from the rights group CagePrisoners, raising awareness for Mahdi’s plight, said that the constant threats made by British intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the UK.

“They were trying to offer him a job saying that effectively ‘You’re an extremist, we know you are one. The only way out is for you to come and wok for us, to come and help us.’ These were the kind of tactics that were being used,” Asim Qureshi, research director at CagePrisoners, explained to RT.

He added, “He is of Somali origin. This is a purely racist profiling policy of the British government, and particularly its security agencies.”

Mahdi had been living in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu for the past two years, taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own. This summer he mysteriously went missing. His family believes MI5 had their threat executed.

“My son is missing and I don’t know if he is dead or alive. We are very worried, the whole family,” says Kaltum Mohamud, Mahdi’s mother.

While Mahdi was out of Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May ordered his British citizenship revoked for the “public good”, using a little-known power she has. She may do so on security grounds to any individual with dual citizenship without a court order.

The UK government decided that Mahdi should be denied the privileges and protection of citizenship due to his “extremist activities”, a letter read.

The only information the Hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted their relatives in Somalia to say that he had been in prison with Mahdi in the African state of Djibouti.

“He told us that he had been fingerprinted and that DNA has been taken from him. The Americans, when they found out he was British citizen, contacted the British consulate and the British consulate said ‘we have already removed British citizenship from him’. And the Americans took him somewhere, somewhere we don’t know,” Mohamed Hashi told RT.

The family fears Mahdi is being held in custody at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti. It is a notorious US anti-terrorist base, which is believed to be part of the American extraordinary rendition program. Under the program, terrorism suspects are unlawfully taken to third-party states, allegedly to be illegally detained and tortured.

The Hashi family wants answers to simple questions like what the allegations are against Mahdi, where he is located, or whether he is even alive. But when it comes to matters of intelligence they are faced with a wall of silence. Lawyers acting on behalf of the Hashi family have inquired the Home Office, and the response was most elusive:

“It has been the policy of successive governments neither to confirm nor deny speculation, allegations or assertion in respect of intelligence matters,” it read. “This policy is maintained, and accordingly the secretary of state can neither confirm nor deny the allegations made on behalf of your client.”

“Mahdi’s case is a classic case where profiling and ludicrous policies in this War on Terror have resulted with an innocent individual, a helpless young man, having his life ruined,” says rights activist Asim Qureshi.

Campaigners say that by stripping Mahdi Hashi of his passport the British government has effectively washed their hands of his case, leaving his family in desperate search for answers about their missing son.

WPWW (unregistered) October 31, 2012, 14:55+1

How do you people know this man is innocent? He may well be a terrorist, or involved with such activities.

When dealing with people that have no mercy or tolerance, you can’t show mercy or tolerance either. Even if some non-aggresive muslims might be targeted (and like I said, there is no evidence this man is innocent), such actions are required when dealing with the very real threat from radical Islam.

Good to know the UK government is doing the right thing.

Uuu (unregistered) October 31, 2012, 14:38+1

These are the acts of desperate nations, sponsoring terrorism and spreading hatred for their short and long term economic and political gains.  Naturally these sad and desperate actions will not only ultimately drown these western fundamentalists but also their own people who they are trying to drag in this dirty game.

Spike (unregistered) October 31, 2012, 14:09+1

This would be a “par for the course” action by the UK Government, given their current appalling mindset. I cringe whenever Teresa May opens her mouth.


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