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The Case of Mahdi Hashi (Daily Mail): A Somali-British Who Refused MI5 Approachments To Spy On His Own Local Muslim Community Is ‘Rendition’ To Djibouti For Torture, With Full-Acquiesence Of British Government!

Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5 and may now be in African prison

  • Mahdi Hashi is thought to be in prison in the African state of Djibouti
  • While he was visiting Somalia, Theresa May deprived him of all his rights as a British national
  • He was accused of extremist activities but his parents say this is wrong
  • After landing at Heathrow, he was approached by MI5 who said his ‘suspect status’ would be cleared if he ‘co-operated’ with them

By Robert Verkaik

PUBLISHED: 22:45, 27 October 2012 | UPDATED: 22:46, 27 October 2012
A British citizen whose family believe he is being tortured by American secret agents has suddenly had all his rights as a UK national removed by the Home Secretary.

Mahdi Hashi – who MI5 once tried to recruit as a spy – has been deprived of his British passport, denied access to consular assistance and may never return to Britain. He is thought to be being held in an African prison.

Mohamed and Kaltun Hashi, the parents of the 23-year-old care worker from Camden, North London, became concerned for his safety after being tipped off that in the summer he had been taken to a prison in the African state of Djibouti while visiting neighbouring Somalia.

Theresa May has stripped the British passport from a Muslim who refused to spy for MI5
Mahdi Hashi is beleived to be held at a US camp in Djibouti

Prisoner: Mahdi Hashi (pictured left) is believed to be held at a US camp in Djibouti after he had his rights as a UK national removed by the Home Secretary Theresa May (pictured left)

The information was passed on by another prisoner who said Mr Hashi claimed he had been ‘mistreated’ and was being interrogated by men working for America.

The Mail on Sunday has established that while Mr Hashi was out of Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May used a little-known power – which does not require a court order – to deprive him of all his rights as a British national.

It can also be revealed that Mrs May has issued at least another nine orders against British nationals. The majority have been served on Muslim men, although the most public case is that of Russian spy Anna Chapman, who had been married to a UK national.

Mr Hashi and his family moved to the UK from Somalia when he was five. In late 2009 he returned to the capital Mogadishu where he had met his wife, whom he married last year and with whom he has a child.

His parents found out about his detention only after the other prisoner had been released and returned to Somalia where he made contact with Mr Hashi’s relatives.

In a desperate attempt to find Mr Hashi, his mother-in-law travelled from Mogadishu to Djibouti, but despite repeated requests prison staff refused to say if he was there. The family has also approached the Djibouti and US authorities but have been given no information about Mr Hashi.

The deprivation of citizenship order signed by Mrs May says Mr Hashi has lost his rights to live in the UK because of the ‘public good’.

The Americans have built a large base to combat terrorist groups across the continent at Camp Lemmonier in DjiboutiThe Americans have built a large base to combat terrorist groups across the continent at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti

A letter adds: ‘The Security Service assess that you have been involved in Islamicist extremism and present a risk to the national security of the United Kingdom due to your extremist activities.’

Mr Hashi has not been told of  what he is accused, nor is it clear whether he knows he is no longer a British citizen.

Human rights lawyers said he may be the victim of a new Government policy in which Britain is denying British nationals citizenship when they find themselves in serious trouble in foreign countries.

Geoffrey Robertson, QC, prominent human rights barrister, said: ‘The increase in orders under this Government of depriving British people of their citizenship on non-conducive grounds is a matter of concern because it is always very difficult to challenge fairly. It means people are being deprived of their rights as a British citizen on the say-so of security officials who can’t be challenged in court.’

Cageprisoners, the human rights group that campaigns against secret detentions, believes Mr Hashi may  be the victim of an American rendition programme in which suspects are unlawfully taken to third-party states where they are illegally detained and tortured.

The order issued by Mrs May can be used only against a UK national who has dual citizenship. It is not clear if Mr Hashi can still claim Somali nationality because he left Somalia for the UK when he was so young.

In 2009, Mr Hashi complained to his MP Frank Dobson (pictured)In 2009, Mr Hashi complained to his MP Frank Dobson (pictured)

Human rights group are concerned that he may now be held at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti where the Americans have built a large base to combat terrorist groups across the continent. It is also where many of the US drone attacks in Africa are co-ordinated.

But in a legal Catch 22 the US Ambassador in London has written to the family, denying any involvement in Mr Hashi’s detention, stating that if Mr Hashi is a British citizen then he must contact the Foreign Office.

Last night his mother said: ‘We are very worried about him and just want to know what has happened.’

The only justification Mrs May has given for removing Mr Hashi’s citizenship is his alleged involvement in Islamic extremism. But his family say he has never been interested in any kind of extremist behaviour.

In 2009 Mr Hashi complained to his MP Frank Dobson and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the body which oversees MI5, that he was being harassed by security officers because he had refused to work as a spy in his North London Muslim community.

In April that year, when he was working as a care worker for a very ill man in North London, Mr Hashi had gone to Gatwick to take a plane to visit his sick grandmother in Djibouti.

But as he was checking in he was stopped by two plainclothes officers. One identified himself as ‘Richard’ and said he was working for MI5,  Mr Hashi said in his complaint to the tribunal.

Mr Hashi said: ‘He warned me not to get on the flight. He said, “Whatever happens to you outside the UK is not our responsibility.” I was shocked.’

Mr Hashi continued with his flight but at Djibouti airport he was stopped at passport control, held for 16 hours and then deported back to the UK. He claims Djibouti security officers told him their orders came from London.

After landing at Heathrow he was detained again and visited by ‘Richard’. ‘He said it was them who sent me back because I was a terror suspect.’

Mr Hashi alleged the officer made it clear his ‘suspect’ status and travel restrictions would be lifted only if he agreed to co-operate with MI5. ‘He said, “By co-operating with us we know you’re not guilty”’

Mr Hashi refused and complained to the tribunal and Mr Dobson.

His lawyers, solicitor Saghir Hussain and barrister Faisal Saifee, say Mr Hashi left for Somalia in December 2009 to visit his family and intended to return to the UK in the near future to study engineering.

Mr Hussain said: ‘It seems his imprisonment in Djibouti is the execution of a threat made in 2009 by MI5. What sort of country is this when you are spirited away to another state and your own Government’s response is to take away your citizenship?’

In a letter to the Home Office the Hashi family lawyers have asked for information that will help them provide legal representation to Mr Hashi during his detention.

The Home Office responded: ‘It has been the policy of successive governments neither to confirm or deny speculation, allegations or assertion in respect of intelligence matters.

This policy is maintained, and accordingly the Secretary of State can neither confirm nor deny the allegations made on behalf of your client.’

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I just hope this man is well wherever he us. What happened to him is not right in any way.

dont know who the real criminals are.. , uk, 28/10/2012 01:06

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So why do so many other persona non grata still have British passports if the Home Secretary has the the power to do this?

lilkadi2000 , Nottinghamshire, 28/10/2012 01:05

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If true this is darn right awful. Just to refuse to be a spy means he is toertured and made to pay…Theresa May should be ashamed of herself .

Helen , Bradford, 28/10/2012 01:04

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If he is up to no good in Somalia or elsewhere then this has to be proved or discounted. If hes a bad;un , then Mrs May is right to take away any British benefits.. Passport, Visa etc that he was given in good faith. We have to clean up our country. This lad.. so he says was warned by Mi5..then he should have listened. Although I think it is one of his Fairy Tales.

Big Mama Mai , london, 28/10/2012 01:03

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Sizzurp , London, United Kingdom, 28/10/2012 01:00

Click to rate     Rating   224

Good riddance….

James , London, 28/10/2012 00:59

Click to rate     Rating   203

Good-common sense prevails. More of this please Theresa!

Me , The world, 28/10/2012 00:59

Click to rate     Rating   261

“Theresa May strips British passport” Does this mean that he’s no longer British? Can they do this to anyone else? Like, maybe people who have ten kids and never pay tax, and commit crimes? *Hopes*

Zo , London, 28/10/2012 00:51

Click to rate     Rating   394

this government doesnt deport people never mind recind citizenship if they have taken this step then there has to be definate proof of his guilt in something related to terrorism so well done Theresa you May have done good here

goodness , Reading Royal Berkshire, United Kingdom, 28/10/2012 00:35

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GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

moderatechristian , DERBY, 28/10/2012 00:27

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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

You get the picture.
If you, a Muslim, refuse to spy on your fellow Muslims if they approach you (that the Gestapos) to do so, they will make your life a living hell, psychologically and physically; you wont be able to get work; you wont be able to live in peace; you might be accused to be a ‘terrorist’, and no one can challenge them to prove the truth of the accusations, since no one is allowed to ”peer inside the world of intelligence” and ”planted evidence” are given behind ”secret courts”, or as a leading UK human right Judge call these as typically disturbingly Kafkesque by nature (see here and here).
Above we have reprinted the original story in full as well as the comments from the usual Daily Mail Characters/Readers (observe a mixture of racism and others who are just dismayed by the undemocratic practices, or rather the un-Britishness of the practice).
One final point:
When we, at HMCO, were approached (the one of us, at least) for ‘spying ops’ (twice: Leicestershire Police and Gary, see below brief reference for the latter, and previous posts below for the former), and when we were stopped at Birmingham International Airport for 20-30 mins of ”usual stop and question [over] powers” of modern surveillance and secret policing state of UK (see the document in the post below: ”Important Information to Watch Out For”), the agent who ”chatted” with us was named ”Gary” (all spooks have one-name only, like Cher or Madonna, haha)—anyway, when we finished he told us, as everyone who underwent similar ”practices” are informed or rather advised also was, not to tell any other person (of course, they don’t want to create ‘further animosity” or civil societies criticisms), we nevertheless told people, many, and most importantly our own local MP for Leicester South at the time it was Mr. (or ”Sir”) Peter Soulsby (the present Mayor of Leicester: emails exchanges, paper and digital, still possessed), before the party-muppet who got a job through cronyism rather than being local, Mr. John Ashworth (the present Labour MP for the constituency) become the new representative.
Other interesting articles for your self-education and growing awareness include;
and perhaps this and this.
Finally, this link is from the Telegraph, on exactly what we informed you spies are really like, not bonds but smileys!


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