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1. Americans Names Leicester as the Most Conservative

Of course it is. and does not necessary means a bad thing, it means people have their own ways of living, in faith or not, and as stated because they have been literary locked outside the ”greater mainstream, at local and national, society” feeling completely isolated and alienated rather than embraced and welcomed for real assimilation and integration.

Question: By the way, how many young British-Muslims fighters have originated from Leicester? The answer is ZERO. So don’t go creating self-fulfilling thinking. (see the 2 points at the end).

The article is from The Telegraph (and the link is the heading), which last week in defining the peculiarities of each of our ”great” national newspaper we left this particular paper out: in short, it’s utterly ideologue—- which means it still lives in the nostalgic world of Imperial Britannia, where the Tories were the ‘natural rulers’ and the motto was ”for queen/king and country (and today, their great campaign is for countryside, rather)’—Urah!.

2. How FBI entrapment works by forcing Muslims to spy on other Muslims:

RT article 1

RT article 2

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Associated Press

These practises are not limited to US only, they are epidemic across post-9/11 hysterical western nations in search of a new boogeyman (after, to reinstate what one Soviet diplomat said to his US counterpart, ”we are going to do something terrible to you, we are going to remove an enemy, or rather a symbol of one”) to justify pumping more of taxpayers money into ‘war coffers’ from law enforcement budgets, to intelligence and defence, what we call the great Military-Industrial-Security Complex (first warned by, of all people an American, President Eisenhower on his farewell speech to watch out for the power beneath, which might jeopardize democracy and never accept peace where we are now all constantly in war, to fill these corporations’ coffers with profits). In UK, as already stated, the spooks and police also tends to approach the local Muslims by usual tactics of either threatening them with blackmailing, for example immigrants with the threat of deportation, or if a Muslim is held up with minor charges, he is presented with a deal, spying for leniency, others focus on ”community leaders” who might have been ”naughty” with extra-martial affairs, financial scandals, fraud, young children abuses etc, promises of silence and ”keeping their name and honour” for spying on others. One of us was contacted on Oct-Nov 2009, not because this person was naughty, but because …..[he served with them before, that British], the person of course told them to SOD-OFF!!!, and ever since the person has been their ”blacklisted sheep” who can no longer go back into what the person did before or even get a job in private sector of equivalent role, because the person’s loyalty was not ”susceptible to abuse” and not for sale against own people, the Muslims; they even offered this person, one of us, a monetary ”reward”, as the individual who contacted the person in question said they will pay the person for services, of course (since they had nothing dirty on the person, that was the only choice)!!!

A Brief Point of Discussion:

people in espionage are of two kinds;

[1] the power-seekers who are from ”good-old boys club” background, wealthy and with family or relational connections and networks to big businesses and corporations, and whose interests, as such, is to continue ”milk and rule over the country” and uphold the position of these ”families” (Mafia-Sounding, right?), and

[2] those who are really generally weak to psychological manipulation because of either their ”patriotism” or adventure-seeking character, who can be won by statements such as ”it’s for the country laddies and lassies”, and most are good people who foolishly buy into this and it is why they are approached in the first place for recruitment into espionage, but the management knows it’s for their on profitable interests: all have connections to big corporations and banking-financial centres of powers, here are few evidential examples: read here; here; here; here; here: there is a TV series which depicted this duality of ‘professionalism’ at the centre of intelligence services so well that it threaten these people in the US, and the government put a pressure on production studios to cancel it, it is called The Rubicon, it is highly recommended for watching, it only aired for one season and 13 episodes it was that threatening. If you want a movie recommendation of where we, in UK and US, are going to look like as a state watch V for Vendetta cant happen in France because the French are very reactive and very politically-proactive unlike Anglo-Saxons voters/citizens.

This is Good from the Guardian

Here is an excellent UK articles:

Another One from The Guardian

You get the sad state of the picture and things, now!

4. Spying On Galloway

This is another point of support, if they can spy on members of parliament, what is it stops these real threatening actors of democracy to spying on me and you, the nobodies?

Galloway is the head of the RESPECT party which is the only political party in the UK that genuinely puts the Muslims welfare in front of their manifesto, and hence the target of spy campaign (he is, and has been for a while, seen as the treacherous Muslim-Collaborator!). For those who did not know, in the 5th May 2010, or prior to that infamous date, which saw the first-ever Independent Mayoral Elections In Leicester, RESPECT party did at the time asked one of us at HMCO (the same person as above reference: we are still in possession of the nomination email) to stand as their mayoral candidate for the elections, even though the person was not at the time a member and there was no much fund so it panned-out; they ”scouted” the person while s/he was undertaking a little pro-bono work as a ”political strategist” for the Socialists Party (Leicester) and UK Uncut (Leicester). Anyway here are the few articles on the story on ‘spying on Galloway’:

Article 1

Article 2

Finally, a must read exposed story of how…. READ IT: HERE (A MUST READ ARTICLE!!!).

We hope it has been an eye-opening all these.

P.S: One might notice the use of Daily Mail articles, even after stating that it was racist (meaning Islamophobic), what one needs to know is that, to security specialists and professions, the newspaper is an excellent platform for excellent analysis and stories on security, intelligence and political corruption. By the way, the newspaper also owns Leicester Mercury, so if you are a Muslim and subscriber of this local paper, you are funding a newspaper that hate you!

To reiterate:

The Guardian/Observer readers, you indulge (because they believe they are better than you)

The Telegraph and Daily Mail, you avoid (because they really don’t like your kind);

The Independent, you feel sorry for (because they are people often confused & undecided);

The ”red-tops” (sun, mirror etc), you berate (because they are idiots);

The ones who prefer ”News Channels”, they are lazies who just want to know they can engage on the whats happening in the world, but if you engage them in depth, they will be mostly lost, because their primary sources of news, TV, reduces news to ”sound-bites” and leave critical analysis out.

The Radio listeners, they are McDonald-type personalities, have no time to read or watch and seek to know whats happening around the world.


We, or rather the general Muslim population, never ever use the ”T-word” (”terrorism”) to make a reference of our fighting Muslim brothers and sisters, we always and never-ceasing use the ”M-Word” (the affectionate and proud, Mujahidins): This is the fact which can not ever be changed or manipulated even with intense vilification and fear-inducing/directing of these (for example recent ”outcries” of they shot a young girl; you know what a Muslim will say, how many young Muslims girls have the British, US etc, shot?, or they will take you to Palestine!).


The more and more the western states try to force-feed vilifications and divisions the more they are actually uniting Muslims and making Muslims more embracing and proud (of course in private, if you say so in public, you are in trouble: the 98 per cent critical passive support, as T.E.Lawrence and others made note of) of Our Own Fighting Men and Women Abroad. Of course Muslims do not support or associate themselves with any act of violence on the innocent and any form of ”terrorism”, but what has been, for long time viewed, the present struggle is one of Muslims self-defence against western aggression (corrections: on approximation the number of Muslims killed since after 9/11 across the world is around 150’000 deaths in comparison to approximation of 5’000 westerns; is this proportional (a key to defining a just and legal war, a concept of proportionality) — which is why, as even acknowledged by western top brass (military leaders) the ”war on Islam” (as American officers call it), known commonly as the ”Global War on Terror”, or the Long War (or re-branded recently to ”Permanent War”, Greg Miller from Washington Post), will never be won—- but this is not the point, the point is the logic of economics added-value of the war, which goes like this, as long as there exist a reason to ”fight” and claim ”we are nations at war”, then it means greater demand for ”war economics”, that the private arms industries and private security/mercenaries etc, and in time of austerity it is more significant to have at least one arm, a dominate in tradition within the western economics, that war economies, should be doing well, hence, during any time of economic crises, nations always search for those ”little small wars”: Falklands, Banana Wars, Iraq, tomorrow Iran, etc! On embracing Muslim fighter and ideology, the so-called ‘Arab Spring” is enough evidence, who has been the populous main choice, ”the Islamists”, who are the ”Islamists”, political organizations of the Mujahidins (in other words, the Sinn Feins of PIRA;); whatever way we want to look at it, WE HAVE LOST IT, even when attempting restlessly to ”hijack” and place ”our preferred pro-western moderate Islamists” in power, in the end it will be another Iran, or Nasserite Egypt, fervently anti-western across the board (ladies and gents, we are witnessing a pan-Islamic union at birth right in front of us; symbol of hopes and prides for Muslims; fear and loathsome for westerns).




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