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Important Information To Watch Out For: Leicestershire Police Commissioner Election; The Truth About Federation of Muslim Organisation and The Secret Policing of UK Universities’ Islamic Societies

Soon Leicestershire will elect it’s first Public-elected Police Commissioner. Though the event is important to all residents of the county, it’s very much significant for the ethnic minorities and in particular the Muslim communities, and as anything in the realm of public administration the native white British (not racial, but factual) are dominating the field; with two white candidates, one a perfect (and my money on this candidate) former RAF typical white-male-pro-establishment British; a white-female British, a Labour party politician; and finally, we have Mr. Suleman Nagdi of FMO (Federation of Muslim Organisation), before you shout out yeeeppeee! wait and let me open your eyes on who and what is Suleman Nagdi or FMO really are?

Prior to moving to ‘eyes-opening session’, please bear with me and let me explain why the native white-British seem to consistently dominating local institutional administrative structures or echelon, even in the city which is projected to be in few more years or so to be overwhelmingly majority-minority (that the ‘immigrant-coloured folks’ will outnumber the ‘natives-whites’), for example examine the core of Leicestershire and Leicester County and City Councils, respectively, core governing structures, you find for example in Leicester City Council of over 50 core ‘executives’ only one is an ethnic (Sikh) and at an ”assistant” position, however after these real centres of powers, as usual, the rest are good balancing mixing at the bottom. This is of course another area of the problem, the issue of racism, which stills pervades British and the general western societies, the case examples are many to mention, for example, in Wales a gifted young Indian was not hired in the local Cardiff council, because, as the Daily Mail reported, the hiring bosses said ”pity he is a Moslem!”; or if you have a Muslim-name, practising or not, you will never, or will be very heard to get into security, police or local or even central government jobs even when you are more gifted and experienced than the rest unless your family has ”close-connections” to the British establishment (hence the problem of social mobility not just for Muslims, but every immigrant generations in UK), and because, ”pity he is a Moslem!” problem (or he is, the words of Met police, a ”N-Word”, or Asian etc). Go to The Guardian DATAFACTs pages (by the way I am using Guardian not because it is the best, but because it tends to be seen as the least-worst, for the experienced practitioners like ourselves, the thinking is wrong, it is as worse as the rest, and much worser; and Al-Jazeera, also Al-Arabiya, by the way, are CIA-founded and funded media groups, the tactics used to ”criticize” either of these is to make them more embraceable by the global Muslims; an espionage tactic of ”burning”, that giving up ones own prized ”double-agent”, a double agent is an agent who serve another, but pretend to be serving loyally you, for example a British in MI6, who is really a spy for Russians, like the Cmabridge Four; Philby, Burgess, MacDonald etc and McNeal during the height of Cold War; any way the point is, when you burn your own, in planned manner to make sure he will be reinstated as faithful and loyal, it means from then onward no one can question the loyalty of such a person, this is the tactic they carry out with Al-Jazeera making it popular within the Muslim population by constantly attacking it in open, but behind doors, as recent resignation of it’s chief executive officer, after being found with close links to royal house and CIA, it means there are ”bonded and inseparable”). Anyway, read the astonishing studies on police and racism, establishment and nepotism & racism and so forth on the Guardian DATAFACTS. By the way here is an excellent article from The New York Times, a review of an academic work on the growing western nepotism in place of meritocracy, which the author correctly points out as a major factor to the declining power of the west: here).

Now back to FMO and Mr. Suleman Nagdi: PLEASE FIND AT THE END OF THIS POST a 470pp PDF-FILE was from my Masters course, containing mostly terrorism studies papers, but an important paper is entitled ”House of Commons’ Communities and Local Government Committee on Preventing Violent Extremism: The Sixth Report of the Session 2009-2010”. The Report starts from p.72 and it’s long, but it is worth a full complete study, however for those with no time, here are some selected brief areas of interests for you;

  • pp 72-140: A complete Summary of the report, MUST READ!!!
  • p. 73: examine how a panel of the committee has no single ethnic or Muslim on.
  • p. 100 Mr. Suleman Nagdi is briefly introduced, and it’s pages 173-178 that you will find a transcript of his full testimony to the committee, a very interesting reading.
  • starting from p. 235 it’s the ”FMO’s written statement” to the committee on Counter-Terrorism.
  • Other interesting parts/pages are, pp. 189-196, a testimony from now fired Leicester Council former Chief Executive, Ms. Sheila Locks; pp 207-211 is very interesting, be surprised, especially Khananin’s evidence; and finally, pp 223-234 Charles Farr’s from OSCT (Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism) a sinister body hidden behind Home Office that stride the line between ”civil service and secret policing”, with close bonds to MI5; it is an equivalent of ”special Northern Ireland counter-terrorism section” (wont be named here: though many stories have come out into light recently on their undemocratic and disturbing behaviours at the time, forcing some of the families of the lost members to their ‘terrorism” to come out and sue).
  • browse around other articles such as ‘CONTEST’ which discusses the UK policy to ”counter-terrorism”, etc.

Anyway, after reading above statements and papers you will see that Mr. Nagdi ”Candidacy” does not ”represent you” (Muslims or Ethnics in general), but it is still a part of the establishment keeping the core services to it’s own kind, even though Mr. Nagdi, probably with his pre-knowledge and acceptance being used as a mere ”equal opportunity propaganda/tool”, this is a trick favoured and well-developed in the west when attempting ”communicate” to wider audience ”we really let in everyone to have a go with an equal chance of winning”; as stated earlier the candidacy will go to the RAF guy, and even if ”tweaked” towards Mr. Nagdi is not really a win for Muslims or Ethnic, he has been working against you for all this time, and this bring us to FMO, the great Federation of Muslim Organization.

The Federation of Muslim Organization was really founded, and is still funded (through the Secret Fund, a fund that generally budget espionage agencies in UK, and channelled via various ”front” parties—with FMO funders ”traced” to ”Home Office” or local council!) and controlled by the British Secret Services, a practice that was refined during colonial age and Cold War, where a ”front-organization”, like FMO, or at the time, organizations such as IRD (Institute for Research and Development: a propaganda centre, my propaganda trainer/tutor was a researcher here, which was responsible for Iran overthrow of Moghdama with a replacement by the Shah; or Indonesia Coup d’ Etat, removing Sukarno for Suharto etc), BBC (for those taking MBA, you course generally relies mostly on case studies of ”benchmarking excellence Corporations” such as GE, IKEA etc, to inform you on goo Business Models and practises; well in propaganda studies and training BBC is our principal case study of an excellent model of propaganda) and of course, the British Council; all these were founded to ”win hearts and minds” or rather persuade others through lies, generally, that the British are good, our values are the best (even when at home we are fascists and racists) and so forth; and these always have their own means of communications, like ”Radio Ramadhan” for FMO. In short, FMO is a MI5-run ”Muslim Re-education and Informing Centre”, (as local people call it, ”the Little MI5”, perfect!), it watches it’s ”members” closely, it report on their ‘suspicious’ activities, take details and hand these in, this practise is normal in any anti-subversion or general counter-anti-establishment hysteria, when the ruling parties, the white-British, might feel that their legitimacy and authority might be in jeopardy within a particular section; of course they can choose to do the ”concentration-camp” for the lot of you, (a British practise by origin, not Germanic or Russian, it was first invented by Lord Kitchener in Sudan, and refined in South Africa against the Boers, where over 40000 women and Children died, no one remember or mention these today; and you have the little Chicken-Head, Mr. Haggue of Foreign Office, rather stressing ”We, all, must forget about the British Empire!” Right (but not …………. etc) but ”we are democracy”, or at least a facade of democracy, in the eyes of all, meaning it will be controversial, so the less controversial and cheaper but as an effective approach is simply to put you into a ”virtual concentration camps”, where everything you do is accounted for without physically controlling you (as yet)— all these, racism and undemocratic practises, are the reason why we, at HMCO, have decided to speak out because the entire Muslims societies in the west, not just Britain, are today’s what the Jews were yesterdays’, the great scapegoat of all ills, and the target of every controversial policy on their civil liberties and rights.

Now to Universities Islamic Societies, the security services have created a small ”secret police” especially designed for this sector, it’s run by or rather under a body called ”Student Research” (), led by a Muslim, and sitting on it’s board of governors are the leading spooks, that people from MI5/6 and foreign office, and house of common’s intelligence committees etc. In short, these send out ”little informants”, Muslims, to infiltrate the local Islamic societies and inform back on all activities, chats and any ”suspicious behaviours” observed; the sort of FBI entrapment issue, where the FBI does not go after ”terrorists”, but create ”these” by recruiting, funding and training, then snap, prosecute—entrapment, recently is the case of the Bangladeshi, and before the big one was of the ”New York Four” (where even the prosecuting judge said it was an illegal practise, and was ashamed to be sitting on it: Google ”FBI Counter-Terrorism Entrapment”, most of the good articles come from RT, Russia Today, as the so-called ”independent western media” will not really touch it: there are no independent media, any where in the world, not just in the west; this is the first lesson I espouse to my students, never accept the story as it is presented, unless the government challenge such a story, or attempt to discredit it fervently then, only then there might be a real truth behind it: Daily Mail is xenophobic; The Times is a Lobbying Platform, for war and big businesses; The Guardian is a ”white propaganda” channel, used to ”leak” embarrassing snippets;; the economists is reactionary; the Independent is confused; the Mirror/Sun etc are for idiots etc).

I hope I have as usual helped to open your eyes to the reality as it is rather than as it is presented.

Please find below attached document as promised above.


the promised documents

The Guardian links to PCC: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2012/oct/19/police-crime-commissioner-list-analysed

BBC News – Sunday Politics East Midlands: Police commissioners


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