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New Updates After The ‘Bust-Up’: What Leicestershire Police Did Next, and As Promised Further Discussion on The General Nature of Intelligence

So what happened after we reported here (see the posts below) on how we ‘busted up’ recent Leicestershire Police efforts or rather campaign of intimidation and surveillance against ourselves.


First, we are happy to report that there has been a substantial drop in the ‘drive-bys’ and ‘park-bys’ to an almost complete stop; i.e the tactics of harassment favoured by our contemporary gestapos, the police. However, as expected, these have not ceased not in there entirety as we still have the ”ghost-cars-patrols”, this in essence means the illegal practice where the gestapos wearing their uniforms or not cruise/patrol around on unmarked civilian cars (I will leave you with this one car plate number, of course not in full: F*56 K*O, logged a day after the last article posted here). There is also a ”call up” of ‘sleepers cut-outs’ seemingly with one car we are to as yet verify it’s owners connection to locality, but seems to be places where we are (we will not give the plates or description here): coincidences is not our business (read below).


Secondly, the gestapos appear to have ”hijacked or is it hacked” our general public email (which can be found here on ‘contact’ page above: altwahid.leicester@hotmail.co.uk). no need for sending us emails anyway, you can come around and talk directly and in open, or use this new email, mrcstrategist@gmail.com.

Thirdly, yesterday around late evening, that Sunday Oct 14th 2012, we had a big ”police operation” just outside our location: no it was not targeting us, not directly anyway. The ”fake operation”, with armed tactical units, dog units, helicopters, drones etc, was a big ‘blockbuster’ show, lasted I personally have no idea for how long, though I know it started around just after 2000hrs, and it rather caught our attention for the first 10 mins, after analysing the ”fakeness” of it’s nature we just went back to watching our movie (we were watching The Green Zone, good film), and after the film just went to bed, never gave the ongoing ”operation” outside a second thought. The only question we had about it was THE WHY:


[1] who was the real target of it’s psychological effect (in military and law enforcement terminology we refer to these as Psyops, or Psychological operations, where one opponent ”show off” it’s Might or whatever, or use media and other channels to spread rumours and other forms of propaganda; in truth these operations are simply Military Propaganda, but since the modern public have a distaste for the word ‘propaganda’ we use the sophisticated academic-sounding ”psychological operations”, or ”information operations” etc).

[2] In the world of everything, and most important in Intelligence, there are no coincidence, only uneducated person accept coincidences. So we asked ourselves after just recent ”hard-hitting” critiques of gestapos operations and activities, was the ‘fake operation’ directed at us? it surely was just outside our door.

[3] Was the operation to ”poke-us” into observing our reaction, or induce a [over-]reaction?

[4] was the operation a smoke-screen for ‘the hunt for those cameras’ we talked about placed around us against them?

[5] Was the operation a smoke-screen for a pre-new level of harassment, from passive to active against us?

[6] was it for some other goals, of placing in places other ‘surveillance toys’?


and so forth: the sad truth is, if we were undegrounders or anti-establishment guerrillas, the ”operation” will truly COUNT as OUR victory; since we made the security services OVER-REACT and come out IN FORCE (show) around the innocent and scared population: Point will be for us, definitely (alas it was not). These questions were many, and no answer. Even the thought of ‘fakeness’ is basically founded on direct observations of the ‘operations’ as it unfolded for the first 10 mins or less, where every movement and action seemed too perfect, there was no  presence of that old curse of operations, ”frictions”, as past observed operations had exhibited, for examples;

  • people, that the police were not going around confused, and seemed so sure and confident of themselves, a very rare behaviour, in comparison to past operations, where they will be going up and down, confused and dazed.
  • there were no crowd control or traffic control measures. Civilians GOT into the areas of operations, that Spinney Hills Park with their dogs and children, while police, armed to teeth were presumably on a ‘trigger happy’ stance. In the past, the police will, in accordance to standard operation procedures (SOPs), cordon-off the area under operations from both vehicles and foot traffic or accesses, not yesterday, it was mixed crowd, no police cars to close off choke points, entrances and so forth.
  • Thirdly, from the first observation of our ”three culprits’, we laughed our asses off, the idiots had a big ol’ smiles on their faces, and they were running as if they just started running, meaning with no sweat or any showing signs of running-fatigue, I should know being a big fan of running (the shit hit the fan, literary after few minutes, especially on there speed, presumed, even, that it was taken down from original). The act reminded myself of officer’s training, on crowd control or riots, it was that ‘well displayed’. I forgot to mention the culprit sense of ‘idiocracy’, they came from one direction and, suddenly, they turned towards that same direction they came from but through the park and towards, here is a kicker, Spinney Hills Police Station shadowed by the darkness of the late Autumn—mmmmmmm?????????/. The ‘culprits’ we have never seen before around here, they were all white (we will cease here with descriptions): to find out if the operation was fake, we can wait for news report on the ‘operation’ and in particular the ‘identities’ of the culprits and we can conduct our own little research following through their stories see where they came from go and ask around to verify their identities etc (posing as article writers etc).
  • Now the first gestapo on sight, was a short stocky bald fellow who, take a note of this, WAS NOT ARMED, nor were the three ‘culprits’ we observed. He was only armed with his modern collapsible baton/stick. He was only ten feet from them, and stopped on entrance to follow-on, and rather crossed over on the other side, committing the sin of breaking-off sight of the ‘target’, not to mention failing to continue with the pursuit, and it was not as if he was alone and vulnerable, two armed gestapos in few seconds popped-up from around the corner (a woman and a man), and continue the ‘chase’ after the ‘culprits’: one had ”unloaded” rifle (haha, he realised it later and mend the issue)
  • Fifth, after the armed and not-armed ‘comical’ situation, we have the issue of ‘protective gears’, the dog handler wore JUST a T-shirt, with no protective vest, mmmm, Just a T-Shirt and chasing after presumably armed gang, double-mmm?.


In short, we can go on analysing the, our alleged, ‘fakeness’ of the ‘operation’, but we don’t need to waste time. Lets jump into explaining very briefly what Intelligence really is?


Intelligence is divided into three parts: Management, Analysis and Operations (Collections). Management defines the ‘objectives’ and resources, while the Operatives deal with collections, they might use Human assets, informants etc (HUMINT: Human Intelligence), or photography (IMINT: Imagery Intelligence), and so forth. They usually use other peoples for their collections needs: they blackmail or threaten (it is not the business of ethics and moralities: have you ever heard of any security services personnel sentenced for inappropriate conducts of course not). After collecting the required data, they send these in to the analyst who are generally experts who deal with either of the above specialist areas, HUMINT, IMINT or GEOINT (Geographical Intelligence) etc, or might be an all-source analyst, that one able to understand, analyse and deal with all of the above. After the analysts completion of their report they send these to their intelligence officers, lower-mid management, who then send to their higher ups who had demanded the products in the first place. Intelligence does not deal with ”whacking” people off, but it has always had a ”secretive and generally illegal” special units, in the US these are referred to as Paramilitary (hired by CIA directly from special forces), and in UK they tend to make use of special forces designated to either local domestic intelligence services, that MI5/Met or foreign MI6 (known as counter-terrorist unit). It is the job of these to ”legally whack people off” not the agent (or popularly known as spies, the James Bonds). There are times when a state, eg US or UK, does not need to be associated with the ”killings” of people, so they will hire ”the independents”, mercenaries, to conduct ”wet operations”, which means assassinations, or ”covert black ops” where when the mission fails the operator and his ”boss” deny knowing each other (recent example is the American operative who conducted an open assassination of two-Taliban linked members in broad light in Pakistan, after the arrest he claimed no links to CIA or US government, which, the former, then came to his rescue, as ”it does for any detained US citizen”.

In short, spies are not killers they are collectors of information in the very dirty of ways, from ”reading your garbage” (here is the Fat hon. Eric Pickles, a UK government minister for local government recently demanding local councils and Royal Mail to openly state how many innocent citizen’s they have intrude upon ”using the anti-terror powers”, where they can read your mail, open it and never send it say to have been lost, collect your garbage and send it ‘for analysis”, etc: the article is from the Guardian: here)

Well Enjoy, and I hope it was informative.

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