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Further Analytical Explanation On How We ‘Busted’ Leicestershire Police: Explaining the Taxis, Yellow Cars etc

On Friday we outlined some few observations on how the Leicestershire Police have started in earnest their new campaigns of intimidation and surveillance on us, HMCO: and explained how the tactic is not new and it is a general practise for all types of gestapos (and provided the case study of the Sussex police and activist harassment as reported in the Guardian newspaper: we could provide more but we thought that was enough).

Anyway, first, they, the police, know who we are, or at least who one of us is (the ‘front-man’), since we had exchanged pleasant, so to define, advisory-communications before, that between ourselves at HMCO and the Police on community relations and we even raised the issue of surveillance and other civil liberties infringement directly with them, while outlining a much more practical and democratic approach to their ‘needs for security’ (email exchanges still in possession). Also every article written so far, that is relevant or making a reference on them, has been sent to them too: the point, we are not doing anything behind anyone that might be inferred as of shadiness, illegality or ‘inciting lies’ (they can challenge us on all matter discussed and stated at any time here) nature.

Secondly, everyone by now know where we are located, the address is on this website and can be found on one of the uploaded documents (see document section above).

Thirdly, we have began to make a log of times and all other relevant information, so anytime it might be required to defend ourselves with evidence we can show these (on computer and paper-based). We have cameras set-up not on the premise but ”somewhere”, where we are recording every entrance, parkings etc (all these is intended to inform them too).

Now to how we ‘busted’ their, the police, recent efforts.

First, we made a note of the ‘rota’, that by-shifts surveillance and visual-intimidation tactics. we pointed out the taxis, thrifty vans, on foot idiots, Leicester Council’s official vehicles etc. Now let explain to you the reader how we deduced the truth about these used as surveillance for the local gestapos, the Leicestershire Police.

[1] TAXIS:

We, at HMCO, we are resided at one of the most deprived areas of the city, the Highfields. The people here [a] don’t use taxis (few and on saturdays or bank holidays early morning btw 2-3 am) and [b] they don’t work for taxis companies. Of course taxis pass by as usual, but one needs to observe the level of traffic and most importantly the changing behaviour from just passing-by to start loitering around, making circles (same driver, same plates etc), to long parking period, which in itself is a straight ‘red light’ for knowledgeable practitioner of clandestine activities: question- what taxi sits around with no passenger/fare for a long period of time? In short, taxis in the area is a red-light, and the practice is a favoured one by intelligence services and guerrillas to use ‘public transports’ because people don’t give these a second thought: one example is IRA in Northern Ireland; or London Taxis and close relations to security services.

[2] Leicester Council’s Yellow Cars.

First, again, no one here works for Leicester council at the position that might privileged use of council car. Those who work for the council around here are either [1] lollypop wo/man [2] domestics etc. secondly, you never, at least in the past, see council cars around, [a] because most of the houses are either some housing associations or privately owned and not council’s owned so no need for council’s maintenance teams. and we can go on and on. In short, council cars they are another ‘red lights’ going up, especially when they park outside the location all day with an idiot sitting inside doing not much (understandable level of amateurism at police level).

[3] On Foot Idiots

On foot idiots as all of the above already discussed always tend to give themselves also by one unavoidable problem, ”eyes on the target”, consciously or not, mostly unconscious, they will LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE TARGET; they will never even attempt to pretend to ”browse around”, but (and since we are high, very high, it means one has to make an effort to look up from any available angles of observations around, which means only those who really wants to look up DO SO; we can stand closer to the window with shades up, and those who have no interest with the house will not even look up, because is rather difficult [a] to see us from down there, [b] the house is of no special interest or difference, or has anything that prods out that might catch on the attention of those below UNLESS THE INTENTION IS ALREADY there: the ”red light”) LOOK directly at us. Anyway, there are many other, what intelligence specialists call ”indicators” that we will not get into here (don’t want to give out a lot).

[4] The Police Cars

Finally, for now at least, we mentioned the police cars, increasing park- and drive-bys. How do we know this? Through Observations and analyses on the rate of traffic for these cars. In this area, you never see these cars or even police, even when you are being burgled or robbed (I, one of us, had a bicycle stolen, reported and to this day never found or heard anything). In short, you see these when the local hudlums fights get a little bit out of control, they will come around all blazing, and poof, disappear in short time, but nowadays since the start of the intimidation and surveillance campaign, looking at our log, we are having 5-6 drive-bys a day, at least 2 (minimum) 10-30 mins park-bys (next to the house) and so forth (aerial). To sum, they all add up to ‘red lights’ categories. We are now waiting, or at least myself the visible one, for the next step of harassment as the Sussex lady, knocks on door, with all sort of excuses, not to arrest, just to harass (is the tactic): there is nothing illegal to date that we have done or associated with.

We almost forgot thrifty vans: In short, with these, no one can afford to hire these, as people help each other through their own vehicles around here to move around etc, and even if or when they can afford these, it tends to be only for a short period of time, meaning they will never hire these for an overnight (parking around doing nothing, they will put it to use, make use of their money). Lastly, no one around here, again, works for the company…..mmmmm!–RED-LIGHT (see all the logic of analytical mind, so central to intelligence community…will stop here).

We will try to add part II of the recognizing community surveillance, our most popular post, which will discuss and outline for the readers what intelligence is really like? it’s elements of analysis, management and operations and so forth: it is not James Bond (in a sense).

Bon Weekend!



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