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The Final Part of The Three (For Now): How To Bring An End To The Dangerous Anti-Civil Liberties Laws and Undemocratic Practises (Never Be Afraid, or Cease, To Talk About It’s Evils & Strengthen Inter-Community Relations and Trusts)

This final part of the recent three posted articles/discussions on unconstitutional contemporary domestic security practises and laws that infringe with greater seriousness on the general civil liberties and rights of many section of the society, in particular (our focus being) the Muslim communities of Britain. In this section, we are going to enlightened you and others (Muslims and non-Muslims alike) on the ways to get rid of your fear and to face the dangerous undemocratic realities going on around us all.

First, to be able to deal effectively with the problems and with those who have created such unconstitutional practices, one must learn and train oneself to rid oneself of FEAR.

Fear, ladies and gents, brothers and sisters, is what makes tyranny possible in any society. Fear weakens resolute to act. Fear paralysis the good men and women from defeating those with evil designs and intentions. Fear, in short, is your worst enemy. There are generally two-levels or degree of fear, which we will spend a little bit time now discussing and outlining these:

  • First is, to take the scale of 0-10, the positive nature of fear, which resides at 0-2. This level of fear is your friend and strength as it tells you what to avoid, how to prepare for threats to yourself, and so forth (the flight or fight). On this level an individual is still in complete control of his body and mind as fear has not create, as yet, total or moderate level of paralysis on him or her.
  • It is within the level 3 where individuals slowly comes to succumb to the will and powers of his or her fears, directed and created by an external party or thing (police, phobias etc). This level means the individual fluctuates between self-awareness and ability to exert at times partial control of his body and mind over fear, and at times, being at either total or partial paralysis as a result of fear. If an individual fails to get control of his or her fear at this stage/level, then total paralysis will be imminent.
  • This, total paralysis and lack of self-control, is found within the levels 4-10, where an individual is no longer prepared even to talk out of fear or to do anything that he or she might believe to be ”illegal” due to fear, and this problem is largely brought about by the general lack of understanding of the problem and the thing that create a state of fear in himself or herself. To overcome this, as we shall attempt to show you below, is to ”lift the veil of mystique” off your object of fear, or what the popular cliche states, as it goes, if you have fear speaking to a larger crowd picture them naked (and exposed to their shame) and you will see that they are not supernatural but humans just like me and you.

The final sentence above is exactly what we are encouraging through these recent acts to inform and educate, to reinforce the need to break with fear and start TALKING, JUST TALK, that’s all we are calling for.

The security services, the police, or the government (that the object of contemporary Muslim’s paralysis or fear) are not super-natural or super-human, but they are just like us and once you get down and dirty to learn about them and their laws, their training and how they view the others, that you, you will see that they are actually not different or special, and some are actually real scared (like the rest of us), but others just take to the present handed opportunity, of hysteria, to further their dangerous agendas (commercial and financial interests: e.g. bigger budgets, continuing existence as relevant within a predominantly peaceful post-cold war world and so forth). Spies and others are not ninjas or rambos, actually those who operate in the field, that in the communities, tends to be ”contrary of cliches”: they are fat, short, ugly-as-hell, middle- or old-aged (retiree looking), and not buffed up, one-karate-chop assassins!

Remember: In the dark world of intelligence, espionage and general security or high-politics/diplomacy, ”Mystique or Mythical beliefs” held by opponent about you are the PRIZED asset, and not reality, hence the need for total secret, since if one is able to see the reality, they will just say, f*** it (it’s stupid; they are weak etc); remember one of the Carry On (Up The Khyber) movies, when one of the soldier was caught wearing underwear (haha, suppose to be comical), and the resistance forces who have been conditioned to believe, apparently, British soldiers don’t wear such a garment, hence, as the logic did go their battlefield invisibility, saw the high command becoming worry within the British side, and on the rebel side, with such gained knowledge into the secret of the British soldier, defeating it’s mystique/myth, were now emboldened for an attack (just a referential point— once you know something, it no longer appears threatening or different!).

Thus, the more you learn about these peoples and their behaviours, motives, interests, backgrounds and so forth, the more you weaken the fear in you, as they become no longer mythical as you might have thought before: as what they can do, you can do too; what they know, you can know. In other words, there is nothing special about these other than the unlimited source of funds, resources and assets that can be placed against you further and supported by unlimited undemocratic powers (which have raised many questions of abuse: for example ask yourselves: Have you ever been stopped at the airport on your way back from a holiday? if you are a Muslim or Muslim-Looking-Ethnic, the answer is probably, or definitively, Yes: the figures quoted from Guardian and other sources are placed to be around 170,000 between last summer 2011 and this summer 2012 alone: it doesn’t matter if you are ‘a threat’ or not. Ourselves as Highfields Office we have been stopped for a smaller time (since we are known to be non-threat in reality), 20-30 mins and let go, but remember they now have your details in the systems: this is the whole point of our recent discussions, the abilities to tolerate (tacitly) one unconstitutional act after another, and soon we will have nothing left: remember the haunting and relevant words of German Reverend Martin Niemoller during the NAZI era:


First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.


Never forget above precious words, we at Highfields Office live by these. In short, this has been all along our general need: to educate and inform, so to stop this ”mission creep” and tacit toleration of civil liberties infringement (in military terminology, mission creep is intended to ”prepare populations at home and abroad for full-scale military interventions of western countries on innocent countries, like Libya or Syria, or Iran, as the psychological operations or propaganda has already been under extensive way) that which will slowly weaken our proud democratic practices of rule of law, civil liberties and freedom to express, associate and develop, and dangerously further condition us as, into total paralysis, as a result of placed-fear.

So, to reinstate, this is how one defeat the ‘anti-democracy beast’ and it’s practices, by NEVER CEASING TO TALK ABOUT IT, OPENLY WITHOUT ANY FEAR AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT INCITE VIOLENCE OR ANY FORMS OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE (WE ARE NOT AT THAT STAGE YET). TALK, TALK, TALK! Never stop talking, with one another, with others, Muslims and non-Muslims, strengthen relations between each other as well as bonds of trust, and peaceful co-existence, only this way our threatening beast will be defeated, as it’s legitimacy and authority for further budget and growth and powers will be reduced, but if one chooses the path of violence then one is actually re-strengthening the beast beyond his previous powers, as legitimacy for more legal powers (unlimited), resources and assets will never cease but grows. When you talk in peace, when you share in discussion the talks about their ”evils” with one another, when you inform and educate one another then the beast will be weakened, as it can no longer exist in it’s ugly UNKNOWN AND NAKED FORM any longer: it’s reputation as ”democratic” at home and abroad will be undermined, it’s authority over the population will be broken (hence already we hear of Broken Britain, with Riots, Occupy Movements, Cuts etc).

In short, everyone, never cease to talk about the evil, as well as learning and educating, as well as informing each other of these and their practitioners and creators—-make the evil naked and shamed!


Good Luck to us all, Lovers of Democracy.



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