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Recognising Community Surveillance Activities: How To Become A Spy-Cather!

I have been asked by few, to illustrate or outline how one is to recognize the general patterns of community surveillance or espionage activities. As such this a little bit longer brief attempts to outline the general principles of understanding these activities.

First and foremost, to be able to train yourself to successfully recognize these activities you have to appreciate a small but very critical First Principle of Counter-Surveillance/Intelligence: Look for abnormalities, or in other words, look for acts, things, people or behaviours out of place to the general nature of the locality.

Understanding above principle is critical to the whole venture. In the intelligence/security world, stereotypes are essential building blocks of the professional, since the profession is largely built around the discipline of behavioural science, which in itself reduces human behaviour and relations to ”generalities based on cultural, religious or ethno-racial traits’. For example, these professionals start from the ”threat” general characteristics, let take the ”so-called present Islamists’ terrorists” threat    ——->    what they take from this is ISLAM and from here they reduce their general and micro-focus to MUSLIM CONSTITUENTS as they refer to these  —–>   from here they dominate the ENTIRE communities, Muslims that is, with surveillance and intrusion programmes, human-based and technological-oriented hybrids as required   —–>   and from here they then SIFT or listen-in to calls, private chats, read emails, observe web activities (even before the implementation of ”snoopers charters” law by the Parliament, this is called TIA: Total Information Awareness approved by the neocons of Bush era), behavioural patterns of the communities and so forth, as they do this, they then convince themselves that they MIGHT HAVE PICKED ONE OR TWO CHATTERS or concerning activities from particular individuals/parties which merit further MORE INTRUSIVE-SURVEILLANCE EFFORTS/FOCUS   (even when those chatters are actually people talking of real ”wedding”, since the word ‘wedding’ is designated as a code for ”go time” etc, meaning all is needed is ignorant innocent Muslim to text or type unknown to him or her a ”codeword” designated dangerous and you are a legitimate target: one of the serious concerns of watchers like ourselves and other Human Rights groups, or groups against anti-terror laws powers)   ——–>   this means now ”they have a target” which is existentially essential for these security services, because without being able to claim ”POSSIBLE THREATS ON HORIZON OR UNDER INVESTIGATION” then their entire existence is threatened, hence security services in Britain, US or any other fascist state never has A GAP ON SECURITY CONCERNS; in other words, these countries never cease to be ”constantly UNDER THREAT” from imaginary, or architect-ed enemies (a characteristic of fascism, hence relational-reference to fascism above): yesterday it was the ”anti-colonialists terrorists”, then ”communists-Marxists terrorists”, today of course ”Islamic terrorists”, tomorrow already UNDER ARCHITECTURE are the ”non-western civilisational bloc terrorists, made up of Chinese, Russians, Muslims” etc (defined as ”clash of civilisations”).

Before proceeding lets me explain why we are not really a democracy, but rather a ”democratic dictatorship” ruled by an ‘iron oligarchies”, to use the words of one of the most prominent grand masters of the British establishment, Lord Oakenshott. Western ”democracy” originated correctly from the Greeks version of Platonic ”democratic dictatorship” ruled by the ”enlighted, natural-born leaders” of ‘philosopher-kings’, or what in reality should be referred to as ”iron oligarchies” of families that have closer relations to the ruling families throughout the history of the nation; the kings, queens, barons, and other members of nobilities, if you are a research student take to this task of tracing every western leaders, especially British, ancestors, and you will always see them in the same seats of powers; hence, the bureaucracy is dominated by ‘white-British natives’, and the rest of immigrants, whether you like or not have no chance of entrance into these institutions of powers (you will never be treated as a real citizen sadly), from security services (observe your local police stations, these are worryingsome out of representation to local communities, with almost 98 per cent white, and only 2 non-whites and mostly in ”non-essential roles”, and with zero prospects of career mobility—Have you tried, especially if you are a Muslim to apply to any branch of security services for the ‘essential roles’, as an officer, if so the DEFINITE chance of your application success was ZERO, right?).

Now back to surveillance recognition.

Watch for things or behaviours out of place, or not normal to local ‘milieu’ of the community. To be able to do this, you will have to train yourself to be able to observe ‘these out of place’ with naturalness and effortless capabilities, that will take seconds to recognize the abnormalities, and thus distract-out the abnormal from the normal, that the surveillance or ”the little spy”.

For example, you will need to be able to have an excellent memory abilities, since most of the ”naturalness” comes from spit-second brain works as it connects files from various observations, or heard-chats or visual recognition and piece these together, either rejecting or accepting the observed entity. One thing you will have to do is start with each room in your house, learn to recognize the placement of things, the dustiness with time, the shades when hit by light from inside or outside, the sound of floors, and so forth  ———–> and from there you move to the house as one, one room at a time, then you move to outside the house, the garden, garage, near parking etc, then next door neighbours, learning their behaviours, their ”networks” of association, families, friends, usual visit times, shopping days, bed time, children, school-runs, and so forth, married or single, professional or out of work, their cars, what are the plate numbers, how many, all these need to be remembered mentally  ——->  from here you move to streets, left, right, nearby, adjacent spaces, open or closed, buildings or parks, who visit these and ……., when you finish you will have the entire community, probably over 20 streets, in depth recognition abilities, with the most near to you, more ”natural” abilities of it’s make up, the people, the cars (their numbers), the ”visitors”, the utilities and if correct days, and so forth.

From above capabilities, you are now a fully self-trained ”spy catcher”, who can, in a spit seconds, recognize people, things, or behaviours out of place in the community: always look for abnormalities— those things out-of-place to locality and people. And here comes the usefulness of ”stereotypes” in a generally Muslim communities, you will start with any light-skinned individuals, even when draped in hijab/nikab (Muslim veils) or appearing in all Islamic dressing. You will study their manners, associations, schools, and so forth: they always leave something or links, associations belonging to ”old personalities’‘, this is especially true for those with Muslims names from Hindu communities, because of their skin colours, who always feel then need to ”stay in touch with the roots” (if you know any police officer with a Muslim name, not a mere PCSO or special constable, but ”top ranks”, then s/he is probably a cut-out, trained infiltrator, set out to gain trust of the community—but they always give out points of observations, married to ”non-Muslims”, or children attending ”special schools” or clubs, or disappearing for a long time etc).

Other things to recognize is the ‘common sense’ based observations:

  • a sweating-van in a cold day/night, means there are ‘listeners’ inside, using it as a listening/observation posts. or when parked near a drainage, or watch the tyres-to-weight, etc.
  • a homeless guy wearing an expensive military-favoured watch, or you can never see around homeless areas, hostels, groups.
  • a ”drug addict” who never seem ”high”, in open-sight, or in general.
  • a three-men circling car (always three two-for observation and reaction, and one a driver).
  • a car parked which does not belong to the locality. or a van driven,parked and left by an ”Indian-Muslim” but you have never seen it before, or initially during your earlier years within the neighbourhood.

All of the above, means there is a target near you, or you might be the one, even when you are not extremist you might have said something against the government somewhere, like ourselves here, we know we are already ”blacklisted” (like the socialists during the cold war era, like top Labour Party members, David Blunkett, Jack Straw and others, including TV and Movies, or sports personalities, who were affiliated with ”anti-establishment status quo” by associating themselves with socialists or communists, even when moderate and real democrats: they had a special file within MI5 called the ”Y-List”, I think ours is either M or T-list, haha).

In short, as long as you have a Muslim name, either living or not within a dominantly Muslim areas, then you are UNDER SURVEILLANCE CONSTANTLY AND UNCEASINGLY: whether you are or not ”extremist” (after all you are the reason these services exists today—you are the threat!—whether peaceful or not). In Britain, with it’s secrecy when it comes to security, you will never find out the extent of these security services power-misuse, for this look towards the US and the recent report in the congress that criticized US Homeland Security’s ”Fusion Centres” a program instituted to act as a ”minority report” against ”terrorism”, in other words to foresee threats before they become real (here known as ”intelligence-led policing”: such as West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, or CT-EMSOUT )—the congress sub-committee found these programmes dangerous to civil liberties (let me stop here and leave you with a reading from Associated Press: http://www.news24.com/World/News/Costly-US-intelligence-effort-inaccurate-20121003  ——this relates to Rutgers university surveillance and so forth, and Ikhwana Pennsylvania).

Before closing, have you ever been called or contacted in anyway to act as ”ears and eyes” of the police? We know a couple of people who have, and some of these provided their stories to the Guardian (and was printed). They will never give you or me a real job, with a career prospect of social climb, but they will use, for example Somali Language Analysts by MI5.














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