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Before this new Curfew ”programme”’ which is intended as the rest to control the residents of Highfields, who are mainly Muslims, the State Police of Leicestershire Police Force (or local gestapos as I call these), had attempted all sorts of community’s controls, surveillance and intrusion programmes: from proliferated drones in the skies/impala surveillance aircrafts (which still persists to date), to cuts-in (that the placing of ”spooks” within the communities as members of communities), to reconnaissance (mobile and of course aerial, or stationed vans and cars: we have all the car plates and individuals’ respective photos), to foot reconnaissance (of park sitters, photographers etc), active listeners (eavesdroppers and bugging experts) and to ”men at work” tactics (of gasman who ‘force entry’, asks for toilet, probably because the room tends to be seen as a laboratory for would-be trouble makers, and ”other room with gas facilities, haha, I reckon most are amateurish contracted via G4S and other private security: to chimney sweepers, asbestos inspectors, or just visiting the next door neighbour, forgot the number, to gardeners etc: the list is long, and we have been watching and documenting for two-years now, we know every trick, every stations, etc).

In short, there has been plenty of effort by the gestapos, as I prefer to call the state police, to intrude, surveil/watch and to listen into local Muslim immigrant communities activities. Recently, of course is the shocking implementation of the ”Curfew” Law, literary, even with the usual semantics games, referring to these as laws of ”dispersal zones”, which as the leaflets and other advertisements across the community notes, will last ”until December 2012”, wow!. And it goes on to state:

”During the dates specified above a constable/PCSO (that Police Community Special Officer) may give one or more of the following directions:

  • Tell people in the group to leave the area…..
  • Tell people who don’t live in the area to leave…..
  • Tell people who don’t live in the area not to return to the area….

Failure to comply with an order to disperse can lead to arrest.

If you are under 16 and in the relevant area between the hours of9pm and 6am (an important characteristic of curfews) and are not under the effective control of parent or responsible person over the age of 18, then a constable/PCSO may take you to your home address or other place for safety if more appropriate

Printed and Published by the Chief Constable, Leicestershire Police”


In short, ladies and gents, brothers and sisters, this is how Fascism takes hold.

When something happens, for example a fade up mob rise against these ”gestapos laws”, responsible people and commentators in the media should not ask why and how it happened? but rather ”why and how it took this long to happen?”’ Even in the parks, visit for yourself Spinney Hills Park right down the basketball court, you will see signs warning: ”WE ARE WATCHING YOU!” (Courtesy of Gestapos of Leicestershire State Police). You also have the newly ”implemented park warden” as ears and eyes of the gestapos, the position was just recently filled up, there was no such position.

In short, the Muslim communities are literary under siege from gestapos, and whatever happen we all need to know it was as the result of the gestapo’s behaviours and laws towards these peaceful communities.

Thank you.

ADDED 26th June 2013: http://netpol.org/2013/07/23/police-set-to-get-new-dispersal-powers/


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