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The structure of these pages are simple, and as follows:

1. About HMCO:

This page does exactly what it says, it explains what HMCO is.

2. Announcements:

Here we put up upcoming events, underway, or on the pipeline for future considerations, and any other emergencies needs (for example, more volunteers, etc).

3. Contact:

Outlines a simple email-based channel of easy communications with the office.

4. Daily News:

Here we examine significant daily headlines and events across the world, national and community-based, that directly and indirectly affects the wellbeing or interests of the Muslims across these dimensions. Highly recommended for frequent visits.

5. Documents

On this page, we have attached three pdf documents, outlining various visions and aims of this office.

6, Free Services

Outlines the types of services we provide, in some details.

6. SIRIA: Social Club

It is a niche announcement for those interested at Friday’s evening social gathering and discussions of general Islamic affairs across the world or local.


I hope this layout is simple and helpful for you all, and further comments or ideas contributions towards improvements are welcomed, as always.


Senior Project Officer, HMCO



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